Gettin’ Crafty: Bridesmaid Boxes

So, in the spirit of this blog officially being a Judgment-Free Zone when it comes to my wedding crazy, I actually already have my first wedding-related craft project to tell you all about!

I fully admit that I’m the kind of gal who has had a wedding board on Pinterest long before she was actually anywhere near becoming a bride. Pinterest is, as I imagine most women would agree, both an incredible boon and incredible drag when it comes to wedding planning.

On the one hand, it makes it so easy to create a visual inspiration board for what you want your special day to look like. On the other hand, it makes it SO easy to give yourself unrealistic expectations of what you’ll be able to acheive on said special day.

I guarantee you that many of the weddings that I have Pinned to my own board had budgets way, way, way larger than mine, and that’s what makes them exactly so Pinterest/magazine-worthy (I made the mistake of inquiring to a photographer that I saw in a recent issue of Washingtonian Bride & Groom or whatever and am still reeling from the sticker shock, haha). But, thankfully, Pinterest is also the land of DIY and there are actually a lot of awesome tutorials and ideas on there for things that you can create as long as you are willing to put the time and effort in.

Fortunately, I happen to enjoy crafting — to a degree — so I imagine that my wedding planning experience will involve a healthy balance of DIY and outsourcing. And the first do-it-myself project I wanted to tackle? Bridesmaids boxes!


Many of you have probably seen something similar to these before, right? A cute little box with some little gifts or favors all meant as a way to bribe ask your friends to be part of your bridal party. I’ve seen them come in many varieties — wooden cigar boxes, gift bags, shoeboxes, lunchboxes — and with different contents — food, favors, photos, wedding information booklets — but they all have the same purpose: asking some special folks to stand up there with you on your big day!


I know that asking your friends to be part of your bridal party is not something that requires any kind of elaborate gifts or gestures, but, as you all know, I’m just a pomp-and-circumstance kinda gal. Plus, with two of my bridesmaids living out of town, I wanted to be able to give them something a little more fun than a FaceTime call.

So, inspired by various things other people had put together, I set out to create my own little set of “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?” boxes. I ordered some plain brown decoupage boxes off of Amazon, some Mod Podge, and a crapton of gold glitter, and went to town!

332A0689.jpg 332A0690.jpg
332A0691.jpg 332A0693.jpg

If I were a good blogger, I’d have taken photos of the actual crafting process while it was happening, but as it was, my hands were pretty much covered in glitter the entire time so maybe it’s better that I wasn’t handling my big expensive camera at that point, hahaha. But it was actually a VERY simple process that anyone can replicate (as long as you’re okay with having glitter as a permanent part of your home decor, of course), so here’s how to do it:

  1. First, place oversized letter sticker of each girls’ first initial on the box top.
  2. Brush on a thin layer of Mod Podge (using a foam brush) over the entire top and sides.
  3. Shake, shake, shake, shake it off out! Cover the entire thing with glitter (Mod Podge actually dries quite fast, so work quickly)
  4. Remove the letter sticker from the top, leaving a blank, glitter-less silhouette in its wake.
  5. Brush on another layer of Mod Podge — thicker this time — to seal the glitter on.
  6. Let dry and voila! A glittertastic and beautiful personalized box, at your disposal.

A few tips/notes:

  • Make sure you’re working over a newspaper/tarp/something that can catch the glitter, because you’ll want to A) protect your carpet/floor and B) catch and re-use as much fallen glitter as possible.
  • Brushing the Mod Podge on over the glitter worked awesome to seal it in, but it will WRECK your foam brush. So I definitely recommend getting multiple brushes (I got like a 20 pack for $5 on Amazon.)
  • I used this exact same process to glitterize the bottom of the champagne glasses that I included in each box (got the glasses for $0.99 each at Goodwill.)


Hopefully my gals will be able/willing to use the boxes to hold keepsakes or other things around the house, but even if not, I still had fun making ’em!

As for the contents, you can really put in whatever you want! I filled the boxes with the aforementioned glitterized champagne glass and a mini bottle of sparkling wine, a photo collage (I picked up frames at Goodwill and spray painted them gold), some Ferrero Rocher chocolates (my favorite!), and — most importantly — a card that said, “Will you be my bridesmaid?” on the outside and had lots of sappy stuff on the inside.

I had ideas to include even more stuff — ring pops, nail polish, print-outs of potential dresses that I liked — but even just these items pretty much filled the boxes to the max (one of the picture frames was too big to fit inside the box, oops!). Plus, as it turned out, I couldn’t find ring pops anywhere, I have no idea what kinds of dresses I’d like them to look at yet, and gold glitter nail polish is like $8 a bottle, hahahaha.


I did end up adding a couple of extra items to my sister/matron of honor’s box, since I’m pretty sure that Mia just assumes that any box that gets opened at her house is meant for her anyway. I swear, that little diva is going to make the gosh-darned cutest flower girl EVER.


I am happy (and relieved) to report that all four of my wonderful bridesmaids said yes, so I’ll be hanging with a quartet of stonecold foxes on my wedding day! Surpringly, settling on a number of bridesmaids and figuring out who to ask was actually pretty difficult for me — and I really didn’t expect it to be something I agonized over. Alas, I just don’t love the way huge bridal parties look, but if there was a way to have like ten bridesmaids without having to bust out a wide-angle lens to fit them all in a photo, I totally would have done it.

Now, if only Sean would tell me who he’s considering having as groomsmen… every time I bring it up, he says, “I dunno, I haven’t thought about it yet.” And I’m just like, “Oooookay, but doesn’t me asking you kinda make you think about it at least a little?” Men, go figure.

Bridesmaids Collage

Anyway, for those who are curious, my bridesmaid lineup consists of… Jenny (my sister and MOH), Taylor (my sister-in-law and de facto photography consultant), Holly (who was my friend back when my fashion sense was limited to my school uniform), and Jessica (who I actually met through this very blog! See, the internet really does make dreams come true — Sean and I also met online, hehe.)

I’m super excited and lucky to have this rockin’ band of weirdos at my side through the next however-long period of pre-wedded bliss — they really have no idea what they’re getting into. 😉 Though I do promise not to make them wear anything too heinous…

"And the best thing is you could shorten it and wear it again!"
“And the best thing is you could shorten it and wear it again!”

Did you have a small or large bridal party? How did you ask them to be part of your big day?