National Cheesecake Day

I don’t know if you heard, but yesterday was National Cheesecake Day.

I know.

To celebrate such a truly important and momentous day, Sean and I headed out to The Cheesecake Factory for dins. But really it was mostly for the half-price cheesecake, let’s be honest. While there I noticed that the restaurant, which has long been part of lists in “Eat This, Not That”-type books as blatant “NOT THAT” options, has made a few changes to their already far too expansive menu. (Seriously, that thing is like 30 pages long.)


They have created what they’re calling their “Skinnylicious” menu. I will refrain from getting into why I hate the name with a burning passion too much (it boils down to the idea of sensationalism as well as promotion of the idealism of being “skinny”, in a nutshell), but I do appreciate the effort that they’re trying to make in emphasizing lower calorie options and whatnot.


The menu is broken down into different categories — appetizers, entrees, etc. — and a general calorie count is listed at the top of each. So, all of the salads and specials on the menu clock in at under 590 calories, for example, and all the cocktails are under 120. This is similar to what it’s like at Seasons 52, where every item on the menu is under 500 calories (or something like that.)

I have to admit I was pretty disappointed to see that they didn’t have specific calorie or nutrition information listed for each dish. It’s definitely a step in the right direction, but 590 calories is still potentially a lot for someone who is carefully counting. If you were to order a drink, an appetizer or starter salad, AND an entree, you could still easily end up with an almost 1,000 calorie meal despite picking from the “Skinnylicious” menu. And what if one of the items listed under “Specials” is really only 300 calories? That would probably change a lot of your choices, right?

Anyway, it’s probably pretty silly of me to be proclaiming my qualms about the “Skinnylicious” menu when I’m simultaneously boasting about the awesome cheesecake that I had last night. This was it, by the way:

Chocolate Tuxedo Cream Cheesecake

Om nom nom. To be fair, though, I only had a few bites before I boxed it up nicely. This is where I’ve learned to exercise moderation. Nobody says I can’t have my cheesecake and eat it too! I just now prefer to parse it out over a few days so it lessens the caloric blow to my waistline. Less guilt = more enjoyment.


See? This picture was taken mere moments before boxing. Evidently I do have SOME restraint, because it was particularly delicious. (Perhaps even moreso because it was half-price?)

Are you a cheesecake person? I actually really don’t like plain cheesecake — too many bad experiences with dry ones, I think. But for as many issues as I may have with The Cheesecake Factory’s regular menu, I have to hand it to them: they certainly to a good slice o’ cake.