Deck the Halls

O Christmas Tree

Ho, ho, ho!


It’s officially Christmas season in this house!

Dress the Tree

The soreness from finishing the Hot Chocolate 15K is finally starting to subside, the tree is up, and the lights are, er, lit. After surviving an incredibly overwhelming trip to Michaels, I think I can safely say that the merriment has arrived!

Holiday Madness
Michaels = Serious Christmas madness. And a single rack of Hanukkah stuff.

There’s a reason why this is my favorite holiday. And it’s not because of such brilliant holiday fare as this:

Yes, I watched it. Yes, it was awful. I don’t want to talk about it.

No, this is my favorite holiday because in spite of the inevitable family drama (last year I made a tearful proclamation to my brother that he ruined Christmas — true story), the retail madness (thanks to increasingly expensive Christmas lists), and the bipolar weather (seriously? 64 degrees today?), it’s just a happy time. Coworkers are friendlier, strangers are kinder, and people are just… jollier!

Christmas Schnauzer
You tell ’em, Daxter.

Whether you celebrate an actual holiday around this time of year or not, there really is just something in the air. They don’t say it’s the most wonderful time of the year for no reason!

Ornamental Ornamental 2

Plus, if nothing else, it’s just a great excuse to pretty up your house, hehe.

Holiday Bow
Light Purty

It’s hard to pick just one part of the holiday season as my favorite. I love everything from the decorating to the baking of cookies to the wrapping of presents — and, of course, the unwrapping of presents (all skills that I’ve slowly been perfecting over the years, hahaha.)

I’m the best at Christmas!

It can be stressful, the weather truly can be frightful, and goodness knows I can barely even afford Christmas this year, but… I just love it. In fact, if you’re a holiday hater, you may want to push pause on this blog for a hot second. I plan on singing a lot of carols and watching a lot of Christmas movies (actually, really just anything that will to block out “Christmas Cupid” from my memory) over the next few weeks. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


What’s your favorite thing about the holiday season?