My Little Pony: Hair Dye is Magic

First things first, let’s all remind ourselves that I’m actually a small child inside. Which means that not only should you not judge me for the alarming number of stuffed animals that still reside on my bed, it should also come as absolutely NO surprise to you that I have watched every episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic on Netflix. Now, not only is this show adorable and home to the catchiest damn songs on the entire planet, I maintain that it’s also totally legitimate viewing material for adults because of all the Easter Eggs they slip in on a regular basis that kids could not possibly be meant to get.

I mean, HELLO, there is a DOCTOR WHO PONY. I rest my case.

Anywho(oves), I bring this up because yesterday I went to see the ultimate master of all things hair color, Linh at Be Scene Studios, and he transformed my formerly faded mermaid-hair into something about 20% cooler



Just call me Unicorn Gretchen.

Now, I know I already walked you through what it’s like dyeing my own hair, but I thought it might also be interesting for those of you who are less inclined to play with fire bleach to see what it’s like for a professional to get his hands on my hair (literally!). I actually had planned on just taking some progress pics throughout the dyeing process to show you, but as luck would have it, Linh had a photographer visiting the salon yesterday, so I convinced him to snap a few shots!

I think you all know how this story begins. BRING ON THE BLEACH!


Linh started by bleaching my roots, as those had a good 1/4-inch or so of dark regrowth, and then sat me under a dryer to torture me help the bleach process faster.


After a while (I’m not sure how long it was exactly), I emerged from underneath the dryer and Linh’s beautiful fairy assistant Ara gave me a “silk bath” (I *think* that’s what they called it?) to help take out the rest of the green color in my hair. Basically, she mixed some bleach with clarifying shampoo to help remove my color in a much more gentler way than straight-up bleaching over it… because that part of my hair is already super bleached. Unfortunately, as it turns out, green is a damn hard color to remove, so all I really ended up with was white-blonde roots and mint green lengths.

332A8978.jpg Untitled

I was pretty paranoid about not damaging my ends any more than we had to, so we went just went with it, drying my hair to an almost-dry-but-not-quite level of dampness. Then we crossed our fingers and hoped that the colors Linh chose for my new ‘do would be bold enough and bright enough to be unaffected by the green…


… and off he went!


Linh crafted a colorful cocktail of purple, blue, turquoise, magenta, and pink, painting each color onto different pieces of my hair, using foil to keep colors from bleeding onto one another.

332A8989.jpg Untitled

And I waited for a liiiiitle while longer until, at last, after one final rinse, some conditioner (oh, blessed conditioner!), and Ara’s awesome styling, I was reborn with beautiful rainbow hair:


Ta-da! I feel like a beautiful unicorn and I am so, so happy with deciding to go for multiple colors this time around. Of course, this being my very first time with multicolored hair, I have absolutely no idea what subsequent washes might do to the color distribution and how it fades, and my trick of making my color last by putting some hair dye into my conditioner won’t really work since, well, you know. But, given how pretty the colors all look together right now, I have no doubt that they’ll continue to look pretty even if they mix and match and fade together even more.

Another successful adventure in hairdom, I’d say! And my new rainbow hair will hopefully go pretty perfectly with another new something that I’m planning on getting today… So stay tuned for that, have an awesome weekend, and see you on the flipside!

The Next Step in Hair Evolution

So I realize that in the photos I posted yesterday, it seemed like my hair made it through my entire pool-dipping, ocean-swimming, sun-bathing, sweat-sweat-sweaty Cabo vacation, but, alas, that wasn’t exactly the case.

The photo on the left was taken just a few days before I left for sunny Mexico, and the photo on the right is, well, very clearly an after. The day after I returned, to be precise.

As you can see, there’s juuuuust a little bit of difference in how well my color lasted through the trip. Bear in mind that I did actually bring a bottle of conditioner that I mixed with hair dye to re-color my hair while I was there, too. Alas, it appears that chlorine truly is The Enemy, and the seawater and blazing sun and outrageous amount of sweating I did while abroad probably didn’t help either.

Now, it’s really not too bad looking, if I do say so myself. It has kind of a reverse-seafoam-ombre kinda thing happening. But, nevertheless, it is fading, and that coupled with the fact that my roots are rearing their dark heads again (doesn’t it seem like I *just* re-dyed them, too?!) forces me to consider where I’m going to go next in my little colorful hair journey.

Now, I know that this probably sounds absolutely CRAZY with a capital C to most of you, but as much as I lovelovelove having this turquoise, mermaid-ish hair, I’m actually getting a little bit, well, bored with it.

I know, how does someone with such outlandish hair get bored? Believe me, I feel foolish just admitting it. But I guess that I’m a woman of a short attention span, and hey, I’m itching for a change. I went turquoise back in March, after all, and 5 months is the longest that my hair has stayed one color in a while!

After all, while the whole multi-colored thing is a relatively new thing in my life, I have long been a person who changed her hair at the drop of a hat. Chopping it off, dyeing it blonde, black, red, brown, getting bangs — I’m no stranger to any of it. And while my color has gone through quite a few different iteratinos, my actual hair style has remained pretty constant for a long while now.

Now, normally I’d get to a point like this and feel the need to chop all my hair back off buuuut I actually am kind of loving the length. It’s fun. It’s pretty. And I can do really awesome things with bobby pins. And while I have no doubt that one day I’ll get to the point where I simply MUST shave a pattern into the side of my head or go pixie or go chin-length or get an asymmetrical bob, for now, I’m gonna stick to these rad color changes.

Enter my current inspiration:


Oh yeah, baby. We’re going rainbow.

Now, I’m pretty sure that the two photos on the right are actually the result of Photoshop magic and not actual hair dye jobs, but I also have no doubt that my main man and ultimate color guru Linh would be able to turn them into a reality. So, whaddya think? Is this yet another bold step into the world of head-turning hair color (the best reaction is always from little kids, “MOM, LOOK! THAT LADY HAS GREEN HAIR!”) or am I just totally kidding myself?

Feel free to weigh in a la the comments section, but bear in mind that I’ve totally already booked my appointment for next week. 😉

Making Progress, Seeing Results (Weigh-in)

All right y’all, I’m cutting straight to the chase today. Allow me to PROUDLY present the following:

(Re)Starting Weight: 236.6 lbs
Last Weigh-in: 228.7
This Weigh-in: 223.7 lbs
Difference: -5.0 lbs!

Ta-daaaaaaa!! Guess all of that stress not-eating over Passport to Mosaic is finally working in my favor! Ahahaha. No, I kid, I kid, I have really been working on changing my eating habits this week, and am working hard at getting back into the swing of things. I guess this is proof that it’s working! (Of course, the lack of french fries in my current Lenten diet may also have something to do with it…)

I’ve officially re-lost the weight gained from my weeks in San Francisco and Macon, and then some! I am a very happy camper, and it’s true what they say, seeing results is honestly the best motivator in keeping my spirits up and goals in mind. FIVE pounds, bitches!

I’m hoping that at this point, my weight loss is starting to manifest itself with physical results too. I’ve mentioned before that because of my body shape — being tall and big-footed and large-framed and whatnot — weight loss can be very difficult to discern in tangible ways until I’ve lost a really significant amount. It often feels like five, even ten pounds here or there hardly makes a difference in how I look, which can be discouraging.

Luckily, I’ve got this totally awesome five pound loss to keep pushing me forward! And whether it’s from the power of suggestion or it’s my body finally catching up to the poundage I’ve tossed thus far, I do think my pants were a little looser this morning. 😉

And in other news…


Say hello to my new hair color!

I feel like a beautiful mermaid, all thanks to my main man Linh at Be Scene Hair Studio. It seriously takes on a different shade in every light, and I loveloveLOVE it!

Man, every time I dye my hair, I love it so much that I swear I’m never going to another color. “I’ve gone purple and I’m never going back!” “Viva la pink forever!” And then I inevitably change it because it fades and I’m fickle like that and I fall EVEN more in love with the next one! I’m gonna have to have a poll once I’ve finished going through the rainbow so you guys can help me pick the one that looks best, hahaha.

Anyway, that’s all for today, folks! Have a great weekend, and think positive, happy thoughts for me as Passport kicks off on Sunday! I’ll see you when it’s over — provided I’m still alive, ‘course.