Hi-dee-ho friends! I hope you’ve all successfully worked through a modicum of your Turkey Day leftovers and are fueled up to be (sigh) back at work. I thought I’d start this week off with something fun mildly humiliating to brighten your days. It is the season of giving, after all.

So my girl Cassie from Back to Her Roots does these awesome Confessions posts over on her blog, and they always make me feel so delightfully human. So I figured I would totally rip her off and do one of my own. Ready? Okay!

1. It is solely due to my fear of being judged by others that I don’t take the elevator to my new office on the 2nd floor.


2. I very rarely (like, almost never) walk my dogs. I know it’s terrible, but I’ve always justified it by saying they’re very small, and they get to run around in the backyard like 5 or 6 times a day. In fact, that only reason they’re even being walked at all these days is because we’re doing major landscaping renovation on our backyard, and I *have* to. And I still resent it. Me = awful dog owner.

3. This weekend, for the first time since I graduated from college, I slept in until noon. Well, until 11:45, but that’s close enough. It was glorious… and guilt-inducing. My day flew by WAY too fast, so I think from now on I’ll stick to my body’s natural 9-ish weekend alarm clock.


4. Occasionally, I still get McDonald’s breakfast. Ooooooops. At least they’re posting all the calorie counts on their menus now? (And yes, I know the photo above is pretty much unrelated, but evidently I don’t capture any photographic evidence of my McDonaldsry… for obvious reasons. Hahahahaha.)


5. I ate my body weight in mashed potatoes and stuffing this weekend, and I regret nothing.

Go ahead, get it off your chest! What do you feel like confessing today?