So. Maybe this borders a little too heavily on the whole “TMI” side of things (though let’s be honest, when have I ever been really one to stray away from a good TMI scenario?) but I have got to say: I have raging PMS right now. My 2.8 male readers can promptly close their browsers now. Really, it’s okay guys. 😉

PMS is one of those things that is incredibly inconsistent for me. Some months, things just chug along like normal. Maybe I end up with a couple more french-fry cravings than normal, but it’s never anything noticeable enough for me to be like, “Oh, I must be PMS-ing!” It’s usually just more like, huh, I want some french fries.

Other months, however, it hits me like a freight train. I do recognize that I’m pretty lucky in that I don’t often get hit with major bloating, death-inducing headaches, or the like. No, the worst thing for me is the emotional damage that my hormones have on me. It’s not so much mood swings as a general rise in my emotional sensitivity. And considering I’m not the most emotionally stable person on a regular day… oooooh man.

Case in point:

Yep. Twilight made me cry. And it wasn’t even during like, a sad scene (to be fair though, is there such a thing in Twilight?). You might think that would be the height of my PMS-related patheticness, but you’d be wrong. I still vividly remember the time I started crying while watching High School Musical.

As Sean can attest, there’s also not a small amount of general moping and doldrum-dwelling for no real reason:

“What’s wrong?”

I know, I know. I’m that girl. I’m sorry. (Not really.)

Because I don’t really experience many other signs other than my inappropriate allocation of emotions, I do sometimes find that my diet goes through a bit of an unconscious rebellion at a certain point each month. Like with the aforementioned french fry craving, I know that my willpower to resist (or perhaps limit would be a better word, since you know I’m not a fan of totally ignoring a craving) my inhalation of fries is definitely lower. Sometimes I feel like I should start tracking these things better so I know when I’ll need to mentally equip myself against the pull of a junk food rage, haha.

Does PMS hit you hard? In what ways?