The Return

…of Daily Eats!

Long overdue, I know, but what better time to bring back good ol’ Daily Eats posts than after my New Year’s re-resolution, eh? If you can recall from that long ago, you might remember that I usually post these on a separate page. Since this is almost like starting over, however, I figured that it deserved some homepage glory. Plus, since I didn’t have to work yesterday, I got to take almost all of the pictures in glorious natural light, so they’re a little more deserving of the spotlight. Huzzah!


Breakfast was a mixture of Kix and Trader Joe’s Vanilla Almond Clusters cereals, with unsweetened almond milk along with it. Since I woke up at 11, this was the perfect mini-breakfast (I usually find that cereal alone isn’t enough to tide me over on normal mornings). ~150 calories.


Half of my lunch consisted of an awesome salad: mixed greens, onion, grape tomatoes, red grapes, craisins, blue cheese, and balsamic vinaigrette. Love.


The other half was a bowl of homemade turkey chili. Heavy on the onions, just the way I like it. Both halves put together ended up being around ~400 calories.


Snacks included a couple of these fellas, at 42 calories each, so 84 total.


Dinner #1 was 3 pieces of cornmeal-crusted chicken tenders, mushrooms and spinach in a cream sauce, and roasted brussels sprouts. It equaled ~500 calories when you factor in…


…all the rest of the brussels sprouts. Yes, I ate them all. I couldn’t help it! They were so delicious. I love them so.

At this point I had only eaten around 1100 calories and was still hungry… but hadn’t planned on being hungry. Which brings us to dinner numero dos. I noshed on a few slices of thin crust pizza (~400 cal) and a few frosted animal crackers (140 cal). Ultimately that landed me at ~1,640 calories, which is actually pretty much on target! That said, obviously pizza and cookies aren’t generally the best way to get there, and my overall distribution of calories throughout the day wasn’t very even. Still, for my first day back fully counting calories, I’m pretty pleased with myself!

Tomorrow it’s back to work and back to a normal schedule, so hopefully I can keep it up more than, you know, the one day. I’m not promising I’ll really be posting DAILY daily eats, but I’m going to try since it does help me to have the visual aid in addition to the actual calorie counting on my iPhone app.

Happy Tuesday!

Daily Eats – 9/26/2011


Forbidden Fruit
Apple (70)

Mini Cascadian Farms bar (80)


Green bell pepper with lemon tahini dressing/dip (~75)


Leftover roasted red pepper pasta (300)

And an unpictured banana (70)


Grande soy no-whip pumpkin spice latte (280: worth it!)


Me Gusta
Homemade Chipotle bowl: rice, black beans, peppers & onions, chicken, greek yogurt, corn salsa, and a little bit o’ cheese. (~450)


Canteloupe! (~100)

Total: ~1,425! Wheeee!

Daily Eats – 9/21/11


Milk & Cereal
Kix & Cracklin’ Oat Bran with Almond Milk, plus an unpictured mini Cascadian bar


Organic red grapes


Caesar the Great (Salad)
Caesar salad with grilled shrimp


Miller Lite: all class, all the way.


Steamed shrimp dumplings (can you tell that somebody went to happy hour? Hehe.)

Shrimp, avocado, cucumber, wakame salad

SUSHI!!! 3 of these are mine. Yummmm.

Daily Eats – 9/19/11


Chobani 0% Lemon (140) with 1/4 cup Cracklin’ Oat Bran (100) and a banana (70)


Cascadian Farms Organic Mini-Chocolate & Peanut Butter Chip bar (80)


Trader Joe’s Vegetable Panang Curry (590 – whoosh!)


10 blue corn chips (140) with 2 tablespoons homemade salsa (20)


Total Randomness: 2 fat-free beef hot dogs (40 each), a whole wheat quesadilla with 1/4 cup Daiya chedder shreds (190), 1 tablespoon homemade salsa (10), a few random potstickers pilfered from the bro (100?) and 1/2 a cup of steamed green beans (20)

Total: 1,540 calories, give or take. Glad I stayed on target even with the higher-than-usual lunch entree. It sure was delicious for being part of my emergency stash of frozen lunches at work, so I guess that explains why haha. And you’ll be happy to know that those were my last two hot dogs, so I think I’ve officially ended the streak. Plus I got 5 miles under the belt (I won’t even begin to pretend I ran them all, but it’s something at least!)

Daily Eats – 9/12/11

Sorry this is coming a little bit late. Apparently the functional side of vlogging is something I’m still working out, so it took me roughly 8.7 billion hours to get my video uploaded on Youtube last night, hahahaha. Aaaanyway, just so you can’t call me out for falling off the wagon YET…


Thomas’s Light English Muffin (100) with 1/2 T of Dark Chocolate Dreams PB (45) and a smear of organic strawberry preserves (10)


Kombuchaaaa! 160 cal, drunk throughout the entire day.)


A repeat of the avocado pasta recipe I have been working on, except this is a recycled pic because my actual leftovers oxidized and turned brown like poop. STILL DELICOUS THOUGH. (400-ish?)

10 blue corn chips (140) with homemade salsa (15)


Curbed my Chipotle craving with an equally-as-bad-for-you honkin’ apple and chicken sausage quesadilla (I don’t wanna know) with greek yogurt (60), homemade salsa (15) and the rest of the apple in slices (100)

So, in conclusion, I am lazy and don’t really feel like calculating exact amounts for dinner, but given the amount of cheese I tossed in that beast, let’s just say it was probably a lot. Snacks were all good though! Oh well. Onward!