A Glass Case of Emotions

If you’ve been reading this blog for any reasonably significant amount of time, by now you probably know the following things about me:

1. I seriously love to eat.

2. I seriously love my birthday.

3. I seriously love my dogs.

4. I am otherwise rarely serious about anything.

5. I have a lot of feelings.

And while I actually do have something to post about that falls in line with points 1 & 2 (because, you know, I haven’t posted enough about all the ridiculous amounts of food I’ve been consuming lately or anything), today, I shall be addressing points 3 & 5. Thus, recapping the grand birthday dinner I had with my family on Friday will simply have to wait (my mom has been out of town for the past month, so we waited to celebrate until she got back) because I have other things to report.

SO! Let’s start things off with Saturday night and the first time I cried that night. (I told you: FEELINGS.) My wonderful sister texted me earlier when I was out with Sean, asking me when I’d be home because she wanted to Facetime. Given that there is very little that we sisters cannot communicate via our wicked fast texting fingers (honestly, I think between Jenny and me we could probably beat some kinda record), I was already slightly suspicious that something was afoot. I was a little worried that perhaps my older and wiser sister had befallen the myth that you can’t get pregnant while breastfeeding and my perfect little niece Mia would be getting an Irish twin.

Say what now?

My suspicions arose further when Jenny proceeded to Facetime me within 60 seconds of walking back in the door of my house, all but proving the fact that she had been stalking me via the “Find My Friends” app. And yes, there was indeed a reason for the call, though it was nothing like what I expected. My sister proceeded to put Mia on the phone (for lack of a better image), and, in a voice that sounded suspiciously like my sister’s, just 3 octaves higher, “Mia” asked me if I would do her the honor of being her godmother.

I mean, c’mon. Do I even need to tell you that this is when the waterworks started?

Pull yourself together, woman.

I managed to utter a garbled “Yes!” between sobs of happiness, and then proceeded to watch my sister feed Mia prune juice through an eyedropper 1,400 miles away (TECHNOLOGY!). It was really a very special moment… up until the part where, y’know, she spit up prune juice. Which, coincidentally, also happened to be the part of the evening where I discovered the remnants of a VERY THOROUGHLY DESTROYED packet of Orbit gum on the stairs of my house. Which brings us to our second emotional point of the evening.

Caught in the act.

Oh, the joys of dog ownership. On a routine basis, you might find your dirty underwear strewn about the house, food wrappers fished out from the garbage, or a panic poop in the basement. At least they generally have the decency to act guilty/apologetic about it, although in this particular case Harry didn’t seem to think anything was amiss. Daxter’s guilt, on the other hand, was evident–he does this automatic ears-back rollover thing that is so cute you automagically forget why you’re mad (see above picture). I didn’t think too much of the incident, seeing as how my dogs have eaten a lot worse things than a couple sticks of gum, IMO (like the time Harry ate half a FILET MIGNON off my end table, or when Daxter polished off half a bag of Fizzing Whizbees from Harry Potter World…). In fact, I thought it was funny, and so I posted about it on Instagram and Facebook.

daxter orbit

And it was kinda funny. That is, until I started getting flooded with messages about how sugarfree gum–like Orbit–contains an artificial sweetener called xylitol. And xylitol, unbeknownst to me, is really, REALLY toxic to dogs. Like, not just like “Oh, you probably shouldn’t feed that pizza crust to your dog because they don’t digest wheat as well as humans”-bad, but “Well, now your dog’s blood is being flooded with a huge amount of insulin and his organs are probably going to start failing within the next thirty minutes and HE WILL DIE”-bad.

Yeah… so, in hindsight, I’m gonna go ahead and say that Googling “xylitol dogs” really didn’t do much to help the situation. Enter: Phase 2 of crying (and this is, clearly, not the good kind of crying).

Anyway, needless to say, at this point I am FREAKING THE EFF OUT. Harry and Daxter weren’t exhibiting any strange behavior, but since we didn’t know A) how much gum they actually ate or B) which dog even did the eating, I knew it was better safe than sorry and there was no question as to what to do. Sean and I threw both dogs in the car and zoomed off to the emergency vet. Which, of course, considering my dogs’ proclivity for bad things happening to them, is a route I know all too well at this point.


We got to the vet, I explained the situation (in tears), and they immediately took both dogs into the back to check them out. Meanwhile, I learned that there is an animal poison control hotline that I needed to call (still in tears). They asked me a bunch of questions as to exactly what was ingested, and what the worst-case scenario was in terms of how much gum they ate. Thankfully–THANKFULLY–it turns out that Orbit as a brand has low xylitol amounts, and even if one of my dogs <25 lb. dogs had eaten half a pack (7 pieces), they likely would have been okay. At this point, the vet had already made both dogs throw up, so I did find out that Harry was the sole culprit in terms of actually consuming the gum (though Daxter had a field day with the cardboard wrapper, which I guess explains why he was acting guilty?) but I could take them home that night. I would just have to monitor them for signs of hypoglycemia and my regular vet would likely follow up and want to run some blood tests.

And nobody at the clinic even commented on the fact that Daxter is still pink.

All in all, I realize I got pretty lucky: There were only a few pieces of gum left in the pack, and I have some VERY thoughtful friends and blog readers who alerted me to the danger quickly. Because, honestly, if they hadn’t told me, I might never have known! Although I guess if we’re going that route, I also would not have known if I didn’t constantly exploit my dogs via my various social media channels. So clearly the lesson here is: Post everything about your life to social media!

Oh, c’mon, I kid, I kid. In truth, I really have learned a valuable lesson about the dangers of anything that contains xylitol (which is mainly sugarfree gum, but also some jams, jellies, and baked goods) when it comes to my pets. And to me, the peace of mind in knowing that both my furbabies are okay was worth the outrageously high vet bill… and I say that only, like, 40% begrudgingly.

So there you have it. One Saturday night, MORE than enough emotional roller-coastering to last me until at least the end of the week. Whew. I am emotionally drained just having rehashed the experience for you guys.

Have you ever had a pet medical scare? I feel like at this point I have had more than my fair share with both dogs… It’s all worth it, obviously, but still. Oy.


Happy Valentine’s Day, friends!


Harry and Daxter got to spend a large chunk of yesterday at their favorite place in whole wide world: the groomer! So they came home sporting gentlemanly beards and heart-spotted Valentine’s bandannas. Oh, how I love my tiny old man dogs. Heeee. šŸ˜€

Why did you do this to me?

Valentine’s Day is one of those “holidays” (I use the term loosely) that I’ve always really liked, even when I wasn’t romantically attached. I know a lot of single people rally against this day, but I dunno. I guess that even when I wasn’t in a relationship, I just liked what the day stands for. Love, y’know? Because, let’s be honest, I am a huuuuuge drippy romantic cheeseball at heart. (This should really not surprise anyone though. I mean, you guys have seen how into weddings I am. I am pretty ridiculous.)

Sean is keeping me in the dark about our Valentine’s Day plans tonight, the wonderful jerk. He absolutely LOVES planning surprises and I am the wooooorst at waiting patiently for them. I have a love-hate relationship with surprises, actually. I love the IDEA of being surprised, but I also want to know everything ever ahead of time (I’m the kind of person who actually loves reading spoilers for movies, haha). So all I know is that we have dinner reservations SOMEWHERE in DC. But other than that, zilch. Hopefully he a least got the memo about me giving up sweets and desserts for Lent though (what unfortunate timing!) and forewent the box o’ chocolates this year. I wonder if an Edible Arrangement would count against my Lenten sacrifice? šŸ˜‰

Anyway! Since I have no idea where we’re going or what we’re doing, I guess I’ll report back in tomorrow with the V-Day celebration. In the meantime, I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day! Just remember to bask in the love, mon amis–whether that’s relationshippy love, familial love, or–the best love of all–the canine kind.


They Grow Up So Fast

Happy MLK Jr, Day/Inauguration Day, everyone! I have the day off here in DC for both of those reasons, but if you’re stuck at work today I definitely sympathize. Of course, today is also important to me because it’s a very important day in dog world too: Daxter’s birthday!

Clean Daxter

So yes, feel free to roll your eyes at the fact that I’m the kind of person who celebrates dog birthdays, but also, I mean, you really shouldn’t be surprised, hahaha. My little pupster is a whopping THREE YEARS OLD (sniff, sniff, they grow up so fast!) and it shall be duly celebrated. While Harry rolls his own schnauzer eyes in the background (he turns 9 in April!).


Hehe. I’ll be back tomorrow with a smorgasbord of pictures from the baby shower that I threw for my sister (it was super adorable and OH SO VERY PINK), but for now, enjoy your day! I know Daxter will definitely be enjoying his. šŸ™‚

Dogs like Yogurt too?

Progression (Weigh-in)

Howdy friends! First off, thanks big time for all your suggestions re: my insomnia issues. I tried out a few of your non-pill-form tips last night, and I did get a smidge more sleep than the night before (though, considering it felt like I got zero sleep the night before, that’s still not saying much).

I’m going to pick up a bottle of melatonin tonight and see how my body reacts to that. I just want to sleeeeeeeep. A normal, restful sleep. Not the kind of sleep where I’m tossing and turning every 75 seconds and when I do actually sort of doze off, I have really vivid, totally random dreams about CrossFit and Regina from Once Upon a Time and pirate ships that are really spaceships and… tennis? I think there was tennis.

Anyway, I’m not here to convince you all that I’m crazy by detailing the kinds of dreams I have (not that you probably need much convincing anyway). I’m here to weigh-in! I won’t put any kind of dramatic spin on it today, mostly because I’m actually really excited about the results for once.

Starting Weight: 246 lbs
Last Weigh-in: 201.5 lbs
This Weigh-in: 199.1 lbs
Difference: -2.4 lbs

Huzzah!! I’m back in the glorious 100s!

Just call me Alice, ’cause I’m back in Onederland.

Okay, that was lame. But you’ll forgive me, because I’m just excited to be making (slow, but steady) progress on my weight (re)loss.

All right, I’m going to go celebrate this loss (win!) with a gargantuan coffee now. But first, because I don’t like posting too many all-words posts in a row, here is this:

Photos by Taylor

You are welcome.


Taste of Falls Church

Hi dee ho, neighborinos.

So, last week was kind of a bummer. To say the least. But thankfully, my weekend was very pleasant and will hopefully carry me through this NEXT week, which will still be chock-full of dealing with the things that happened last week. I took a zillion pictures this weekend, so to stop your eyeballs from exploding I’m going to split up my weekend into two posts.

First up, Saturday and the Taste of Falls Church!


As you are all probably sick of hearing by now, I love living in the little city of Falls Church. It has the perfect balance of big city commodities and small town charm. The Taste of Falls Church & Fall Festival is one of my very favorite events that they put on each year. This year, Sean and I (and Daxter) met up with my parents at the festival to enjoy some of the best that FC has to offer.


While other festivals, like the Taste of DC or Taste of Arlington, may offer a bigger variety and selection of restaurants, they are also often crowded to the point of insanity! This one was still very crowded, but in an ALMOST manageable way.


Almost. Daxter may or may not have had a few panic attacks while on the ground (to be fair, there were a LOT of baby strollers there, haha) so I had to carry him for a little while.



There was a representation of many of my favorite Falls Church restaurants at the festival. Also, Chick-Fil-A was there. Not so local, haha. We skipped that booth as well as the two pizza joints in favor of some TRUE local flavor!




Amongst the many, many, many things we tried were:



Jambalaya and mac & cheese from Dogwood Tavern.


BLT gnocchi from Pizzeria Orso that was insanely delicious.



Some kind of potato pasta with bolognese sauce and a cannoli from the Sfizi Cafe. I think I like the idea of cannoli more than I ever really enjoy a cannoli itself. Perhaps I need to remember that for next time, hahaha.


Fried pickles and homebrewed root beer from Mad Fox. By the time we got to the frickles, there was only room in my stomach for like, one. One pickle slice. It was SO much food. I don’t think that the vendors really embraced the idea of it being a “taste” of Falls Church, haha. Thank goodness I had Sean (and my parents… and Daxter) there to help me out.

Unpictured is the ice cream scoop we got from Lazy Sundae and the delicious orange/lemon crush drinks from Clare & Don’s. Whew!




The weather was awesome (all weekend, actually!) and I had a really great time. I think it was just the sort of thing I needed after the week I had. And the rest of the weekend didn’t disappoint either, as I got to meet up with the wonderful Lauren the next day! Pictures from that foodfest are to come tomorrow though. Hopefully this week is overall MUCH better than last week. Nobody hit my car this morning on the way to work, so I’d say I’m already off to a good start!