Proof of Run

Oh hey!


I actually followed through with (the first day of) a workout plan for once, whaddya know? Yesterday evening, I met up with my lovely friend Joy for a nice 3-mile jaunt on the bike trail. My ankle was giving me some grief after a while, so it ended up being more like 2.5 miles ran, .5 mile walked or so, but still! We maintained a really good pace (er, for me) while running too, which was quite novel. The weather conditions were pretty perfect, too — breezy with the sun still peeking out as it set.


My legs do admittedly feel a little heavy today though (so pathetic, haha), so I’m actually kind of glad that I have Zumba tonight to work ’em out a little bit. All the jumping and bouncing we do in those classes really works my hamstrings… which is a very good thing as it turns out. Due to a little last-minute race leg change-up, I’m now the first runner in the relay. While I’m totally STOKED to kick-off the relay and absorb all that awesome starting-line energy (one of the things I love most about racing), it also means that my first leg is going to be straight uphill for an entire mile. I know. I KNOW. Just thinking about it makes me want to do this:

Just bury me under these pillows and go on without me, team.

But alas! I’m going to rock it out, and the (literal) mountain shall indeed be conquered! I intend on switching up the 3.5-mile treadmill run I had originally planned for tomorrow and replacing it with a 1- or 1.5-mile incline run instead, along with some weight-work perhaps. I’m just going to crank the tready’s incline up to 5 and see how long I can last, hahaha…ha…ha.

In other news, look at Daxter’s hilarious face!


And that, as they say, is that. Random? Maybe. But I really couldn’t think of a smoother transition, and I felt the need to share his adorable mug with you all today. Don’t even try to say you don’t love it just a little bit. 🙂

Have a great tolerable Tuesday! (Since Tuesday is by far the absolute worst day of the week, I feel it would be wildly presumptuous to think that anyone could have a “great” day today, hahaha.)

PS: I’ve got a Daily Eats post coming your way in a few, too! SHOCK! Who am I?!

Not Today


Okay, well, maybe that’s a little bit dramatic, but I’m super into Game of Thrones right now (haven’t caught up to the current season yet though, so no spoilers!) and I felt it was apt. Here’s why: A few months ago, I discovered a lump on Harry’s right side. Though I lapsed into steadfast denial at first, I finally took him to the vet yesterday to get it checked out. I was (understandably) worried, since both of my boys don’t have the best luck when it comes to their health. Daxter has had two major incidents where he had to be hospitalized, and Harry was diagnosed with canine lupoid onychodystrophy a couple of years ago (an autoimmune condition where his nailbeds routinely reject his nails, causing them to painfully fall out).

Wise Old Man

As you can imagine, I was very much fearing the worst. As they took Harry into the back to take a sample from his lump for inspection, I was already mentally calculating the cost of doggy chemotherapy. So what was the diagnosis?


It’s a lipoma, which is a fatty tumor but is totally benign! The vet said that it will never, ever become malignant, and unless it continues to grow (it’s about a centimeter right now), there’s no need to do anything about it. He said it’s the best possible kind of lump you can have! Hooray! Not today, cancer. Not today!


I don’t think it even needs to be said that my pups are my babies, so I’m very relieved. And this good news comes just in time for Harry’s big day on Saturday. My little man is turning EIGHT this weekend! Whoosh. Time really flies.

Have you ever had to deal with a pet health scare before? Or, more seriously, a real pet health issue?

Belated Birthday

So you are now all acquainted with what Chinese New Year is like in the Powell household, but I neglected to tell you about the other celebration that was held!


It was somebody’s birthday on Saturday, and being the crazy dog lady that I am, you know I couldn’t NOT make something of it! Fair warning: there are about to be a lot of pictures of some really cute dogs coming up.


It was a true puppy party! Daxter had the support of big bro Harry…


… as well as cousin Oreo to help him ring in the big 0-2!



Equipped with a giant rawhide from his aunt and cousin (which he immediately trotted away with) and a Busy Buddy from Harry and me, I think that he made out pretty well!


I picked up some pupcakes for the birthday gang from Dogma Bakery, and I think the rest of the photos will speak for themselves. Call me crazy if you like, but this ish makes me happy, okay? And I like to think that it made the birthday boy happy too. 😉





So put my mind at ease: am I the only crazy person who does this kind of birthday celebration for her pets? And do you judge me for it? I mean, even if you do, it’s not like it’ll stop me in the future. I’m just curious, hahaha.

Oh, he’s definitely judging me. But I don’t care. 🙂

Shave and a Haircut

Two bits!

So my hair appointment isn’t until this afternoon (the results of which I’m sure you will be waiting for with baited breath!), but there were a couple others that did get their hair, uh, did yesterday! As with any good makeover story, allow me to share with you the befores:

Eyes? Who needs eyes?

The hobo look is so hot right now.

Harry and Daxter received LONG overdue haircuts last night, and they’ve never looked better! Because getting two dogs professionally groomed is so expensive, I try to maintain their haircuts on our own and only go for a full-out groom a few times a year. Despite a few not-so-successful self-grooming attempts at first, we’ve actually gotten pretty good at it! That said, it is still nice to see them so sharp, dapper, and above all, CLEAN — as only a pro can do it. Voila!

I hate you for doing this to me.

But damn it if I don’t look good.

Sorry if this is a little more for those of you (crazies) who may not be as canine-inclined as me, but c’mon. They’re pretty cute, right?

Actually, I just traded in Daxter for a brand new dog.

Harry, on the other hand, is pretty much the same. Only cleaner.

You know, between the torturous grooming sessions, the number of sweaters I make them wear, and the amount of time they spend in front of a camera, they really do put up with a lot. Aside from their cuteness, their tolerance is hands-down the number one reason why they are so awesome.

Whoops, you blinked!

Now, the pupsters getting their haircuts on, of course, made me think about my own looming groomery. I have an appointment with hair dresser to the stars, Sarah, who saved me from a horrid self-haircut a year and a half ago (though apparently I haven’t learned my lesson, since I keep cutting my own bangs anyway, haha) and has never steered me wrong. I’m trying to maintain the self-control necessary to grow my hair back out, but since my hair is starting to teeter dangerously on mullet territory, I definitely need a trim.

Enter the most incredibly awesome waste of $1.99 ever: the Hairstyle app!

Through the magic of the iPhone (and my knack for buying unnecessary things), I have now discovered many new looks for myself, and a new way to feed my self-obsession! You get the gist, of course: you take a picture of yourself, line up the hair, and get to play with multiple styles and colors for a full head MAKEOVER! Wheeee! To my surprise, some of the looks were actually fairly realistic and doable…

Some were slightly more far-fetched (and make me really anxious to grow my hair out for reals!)

And some are just wrong on various levels.

And yes, that last one is what I would look like with Snooki hair…

… and Ginnifer Goodwin hair… and Ariel hair. Kekeke.

ANYWAY. The point is that I’m not really sure how my hair is going to end up post-haircut today, but it’s fun to experiment. Also, the app is obviously way, way too much fun. But hey, since I ask for your guys’ advice on pretty much everything else, I’d love to hear your opinions on how I should have my hair cut during this in-between, still-growing phase! Do I cut it into a new style? Just have her even it out so it can grow (this seems like a boring option). Thoughts?