Fashion Friday: Allons-y!


I’ve touched on my (loose) sense of style and the general way I try to dressing my body (er, flatteringly?) in the past. Well, in light of the fact that I’m still trying to figure out where I lay in the whole weight loss blogger spectrum at present time (given that I am le tired of counting calories but still have goals to lose these last pounds… eventually), I’ve decided to throw another type of blogging into the mix. One that I am in no way qualified to participate in, but as always, it’s my blog and I can write what I want to. Enter: “fashion” blogging! (A term that, when being applied to me, should naturally be read whilst making air quotes with your fingers.)

At any rate, it’s Friday and I’m feeling simultaneously scared and excited at what this weekend has in store for me (bright side: I’ll actually have real activities to report to you guys come Monday!), so giving into my vanity seems like a nice way to end the work week. Plus, yesterday I wrote a lot of words, so I figured that this was a good opportunity to make us of those things that are supposedly worth a thousand words instead. You know. Pictures.

I’m sure many of you are rolling your eyes. I understand. I’m doing it anyway though, so, you know, that.

I do realize that I’ve dubbed this post “Fashion Friday” but given how much work it has already turned out to be, there’s a high likelihood that I’ll never be motivated to do another one, hahaha. But whether or not they’ll be reoccurring with any regularity, it’s certainly fun for now!

I figured I would start with what I wore to work yesterday. My office is operating under what has been officially referred to as “summer dress code”, so I’ve been slowly experimenting with what that means. Apparently, maxi dress + sandals does not yet warrant a complaint from my coworkers (er, that I know of…?). Works for me!

After work I got myself all prettied up (i.e. reapplied my makeup) and roped Taylor into taking a zillion photos of me. Then I edited the photos and tried very hard to whittle them down… though I still ended up with entirely too many. Oh well! Vanity: 1; Modesty: 0.



Maxi dress: Target
T-strap sandals: Guess (similar)
Hunger Games locket: Etsy (similar)
Bow ring: Kate Spade
Willis bag: Coach

Somewhat ironically, I still ended up typing out a lot of words in this post. Oh well. Have an amazing weekend!

Stuck in the Middle with You

Unfortunately this post is not about the classic 1972 Stealers Wheel song. It’s about clothes. And yes, it’s probably going to get pretty superficial up in hurr. I find myself stuck in this strange middle ground between the size I am and the size I plan on getting to. I am stuck in Clothing No (wo)Man’s Land.

The wedding I went to this past weekend made me painfully aware that I am rapidly running out of wearable clothing. I know what you’re thinking. “Waaaah, waaaah, poor little Gretchen has lost too much weight and now has no clothes to wear,” said in your most sardonic mental voice (sidenote: does that sound like the start of a twisted nursery rhyme or what?) I mean, yes, you’re right. It’s not like I’m going naked here. I’ve got enough cutesy t-shirts to last me a millenium or two, but when it comes to A) work or B) dressing up, it is slim pickings in terms of clothes that I feel comfortable and (or?) attractive in. But while I’m not a size 20 anymore, I’m still a bit short of my goal size (an Old Navy 8, or a 10 anywhere else, haha.) So I keep struggling with whether I should buy new clothes that will fit me now, knowing that I will just shrink out of them (well, hopefully…), or whether I should wait.

See, I am very much of the opinion that, as much as I want to save money, clothes that are too big just don’t look good. One of the first myths I adhered to when I was obese was thinking that big, roomy clothes would hide my flub. WRONG. They just made me look even bigger. Which, in turn, just made me more depressed. Thus, part of this whole rebuilding my formerly devastated self-esteem thing is to try to feel good about the way I look. That might sound shallow but… well, if it is, then we are ALL shallow, aren’t we? 😉

To illustrate my point, I traveled into the depths of my closet to find a few pieces of now-oversized clothing that haven’t quite made the trip to Goodwill yet (I say as if the other four grocery bags full of too-big clothes aren’t still sitting in my car. Oops.) Allow me to present the following comparisons:

Blouse + Pants Front View


Blouse + Pants Side View

These portraits were taken mere minutes apart, but you can’t deny how different I look. The pants and top on the left are two sizes too big, and there’s no doubt that they make me look bigger too. Of course it isn’t always as blatantly obvious as the example above, but it’s the smallest things — a droopy sleeve, a billowing bust, a puffy waist — that make a big difference in how you look (and thus impact how you FEEL about how you look.)

Dress for Success

Take, for example, the dress on the left here. At first glance, it’s really not so bad.

Dress Side View

Turn to the side, however, and you can see just how gaping the bust is, making my chest look droopy. Dangling ta-tas at 23? I DON’T THINK SO. And the side-bra view? Not cute.

I’m not saying that you should get rid of all your clothes as soon as you outshrink them. Nor do you have to rush your favorite pieces to a tailor right away. As if I could afford either option! There are a lot of things that you can do to make your clothing wearable for as long as possible.


Bad + belt = better.

Belts and I have become besties, and scarves and cardigans are part of the gang too (to hide those pesky safety pins!) My closet is still full of clothing that I can’t yet bear to give away (um, like all the above pieces?) One of my biggest “regrets”, if you want to call it that, is that TWO WEEKS before I decided to start this blog and go on my final diet, I went to New York City with some girlfriends and blew over $500 on new clothes. Of course, within 3 months, they were rendered obsolete. Which might explain my current clothes-buying hesitation situation, now that I think about it.

Flatter Me
Same jeans, different tops.

I definitely feel that certain items of clothing “matter” more than others when it comes to fit and feeling good about yourself. For example, I see absolutely no reason to downsize my coats, sweaters/cardigans, jackets, and even skirts (A-line being the exception) since for the most part, it doesn’t matter if they are a bit big. But jeans, work pants, dresses and blouses are what I seem to notice most. Oh, and don’t forget about undergarments. Getting my bra resized is one of the things I was most adamant about!

I’m not trying to replace my wardrobe just yet — I’ve got a shopping spree from my parents (my blogiversary present!) for that! It’s just that as I continue down this road and get rid of these last twenty-ish pounds, I want to make sure I’m doing all that I can to stay motivated, in control, and most importantly, happy.

What is your stance on buying clothes when losing weight? Save up and wait? Pick up sale & thrift items as needed? Or replace your closet as you downsize?