Shake it Like a Polaroid Picture


I guess that the Earth was channeling some serious Outkast yesterday.

‘Cause in case you hadn’t heard (or read, or felt) there was, like, an earthquake or something.

A 5.8 on the Richter scale, all the way from NC up to Ontario (that’s Canada, folks! Schwaa?)

No, not that Richter, you silly geese.

This Richter.

At first I thought someone was running down the hall. And maybe was jumping up and down a little. And then a lot. And then when I realized that it was an earthquake, I couldn’t help but laugh. Seriously? An earthquake in DC? A significant earthquake in DC?! I lived in Taiwan for three years and never felt one so big! (That’s what she said.)

It did lead to a rather short workday, so I suppose I can’t really complain. You know, what with having to evacuate the building for several hours along with every other worker in L’Enfant.

Somehow, we survived.

But clearly suffered so. Hehe.

Ben texted me a picture of the effect the quake had at home.



At least you can’t say I don’t have my priorities straight.

As you can probably imagine, metroing home was the worst part of it all for me. All lines were on a 15 mph restriction, Orange Line was single-tracking part of the way, and everyone and their mom was trying to go home at the same time. Still, I know I shouldn’t complain too loudly, since I was one of the lucky ones. There were still open seats when I got on the train (we barely made it two stops before we were over-capacity though.) It ended up taking me about 1.5 hours to get home, more than double my normal commute, but I know it took others much, much longer. The train ahead of us even had to offload all its passengers at the Rosslyn stop because they were misbehaving and trying to cram too many people on! Yeesh.

Some people just can’t follow the rules.

Did you experience the East Coast earthquake? What, where, who, why, how?