Fashion Friday: Peacocking


The title of today’s post has its obvious relevancy to my outfit, yes. But before I get into anything else, I would also like to point out the other source of its inspiration: this scene from Seventeen Again starring my boyfriend Zac Efron. You’re welcome for that little snippet of joy on this Friday morning.

Aaaanyway, moving back onto the actual topic of today’s post, the inspiration to start doing fashion posts of my own came from 1) being incredibly self-absorbed and 2) following a few too many actual fashion blogs. Reading fashion blogs is simultaneously helpful and disastrous for me, since it has helped me define my own style (feminine, vintage, hipster, twee?) but also makes me want to buy ALL THE CLOTHES.


This dress, in fact, was discovered on Dorothy Perkins, a UK-based clothing company that I had never even heard of before seeing a different dress (which I also bought, haha) on Girl with Curves. Ah well, at least this particular site doesn’t run me a zillion dollars. I think this dress was $69.00 and I had a 15% off promo code, plus free shipping, and they are ALWAYS running sales and promotions. (Note: even though it’s a UK company, they use US sizing and pricing on their site as long as you make sure you’ve indicated “United States” as your region.)


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Dress: Dorothy Perkins (no longer in stock, but same print here and here, and same silhouette here.)
Shoes: Nine West (old)
Eelskin Clutch: gift from parents
Pearls: gift

This is my ideal look for a nice date night. Maybe to take in a show at the Kennedy Center, maybe have dinner at a nice restaurant… with a fantastic and colorful print like this, I try to keep everything else pretty minimal. No flashy bangles or giant rings this time, just a long string of pearls (it can be worn as a double-strand as well), and some neutral heels. I would normally have gone for a neutral bag as well, but the colors of the dress just happened to match up so wonderfully with the eelskin clutch my parents brought my back from one of their overseas trips that I couldn’t resist.

Here’s hoping that I have an opportunity to actually wear this outfit sometime soon, eh? (Hint hint, Sean ;)) Have a fantastic weekend!