My Latest Addiction

I have a pretty classic addictive personality. I mean, if my former(ish) addiction to food weren’t enough of a tell-tale sign, you can see it in the way I binge-watch TV shows and how I get obsessed with trends (I’ve bought three rompers in the past 2 weeks, whoops.)

I mean, maybe you could just chalk it up to me being a passionate person with regard to… pretty much every single aspect of my life, and the fact that I just have a lot of interests. But while that my be true, every once in a while a particular interest combines with a burst of passion that does, in fact, lead to a full blown addiction. So what is this latest addiction of mine, you ask? Well, those of you who follow me on Instagram might already have a few guesses, but here are a few hints for the rest of you:

pink makeup  bangs makeup purple makeup

No, the answer is not that I’m addicted to taking selfies (although that’s obviously true too), it’s that I cannot get enough of prettifying myself with makeup. My name is Gretchen, and I am a makeup addict.


I mean, I’ve always been into makeup, but in more of a passive way. Like, I’ve enjoyed my BirchBox subscription and learning about new makeup trends and whatnot, but I never had a particular passion for putting said trends into action. But lately? I’ve turned into a full-blown Youtube tutorial-watching, paycheck-blowing Sephora addict. I get actively excited to do my makeup every day, and not just to do the whole same-ol’, same-ol’ daily eyeliner & lip gloss stuff that I used to, but new looks, new colors, and new products.


I mean, don’t judge me too harshly, but sometimes I actually get sad when I’m done putting on my makeup in the morning, because it means it’s over. Well, actually, you can judge me for that. I just did.

I partially credit this newly-invigorated obsession with Instagram, through which I have discovered countless beauty accounts (seriously, following Anastasia Beverly Hills has been life-changing!) that provide endless inspiration. And if you don’t look at the amount of money that I spend on high-end makeup products ($142 at Sephora last time I was there… oops), there really could be worse addictions to have, right?

I’m sure that, like most of my past addictions, my makeup obsession will eventually fizzle back to its former self, but until then, I might as well enjoy the ride (and the confidence that comes with making myself beautiful) right? And while I’m sure many of you will have closed out of this blog post long before now, for those have shown past interest in my beauty finds, I’ll go ahead and discuss some of my newest discoveries:


Benefit They’re Real! Gel Push Up Liner

This product has been getting a lot of attention in the beauty vlogging/blogging world, since it’s the first gel liner in pen form (versus a pot + brush method). I’ve never actually used traditional gel liner as it always seemed beyond my skill level, and I was on the fence about buying this product because of all the mixed reviews I read/watched, but I’m really glad I gave it a try. I love it!

It’s so matte, so dark, gets RIGHT down to my lash line, and it stays there all day long. No joke. It even stays ’til the next day — through face-washing — if I’m too lazy to take it off (which I always am.) It does take a bit of practice to really get used to using it (nothing’s ever as easy as it looks on the box), and you do need a really good eye makeup remover (I use Makeup Forever Sens-Eyes and it comes off easy-peasy), but hot damn if I don’t love the way this stuff looks once its on.



Anastasia Brow Wiz

Doing my brows is still something new for me, since for most of my life I’ve thought my brows are strong enough to stand on their own. And while that’s still probably true as I’m lucky to have relatively full brows on my own, Anastasia has taught me that there’s always more you can do. And since brows frame the face, especially the eyes, and my eyes are my favorite part of my face (well, my eyes and my cupid’s bow right above my lips. That’s oddly specific, I know), I’ve been learning lately how to do my best Brooke Shields impression and do brows right.

I use Brow Wiz to outline and fill in my brows, concentrating on the sparse area on the inner ends, and then brush on a light coat of brow gel (also by Anastasia).


Benefit Watts Up Highlighter, Chella Highlighting Crayon, and Tarte Bronzer for Contouring

I’m also fairly new to the contouring trend, but I gotta say, it’s awful entertaining to draw yourself up like an Amazonian warrior princess. Oh yeah, and there’s the whole part where piling on concealer, highlighter, and bronzer in all the right places does amazing things for your face shape. I don’t do this on a daily basis since I am not Kim Kardashian and, truth be told, as addicted to makeup as I may be, I still don’t love the idea of my skin having so much stuff on it day-in and day-out. But for a special occasion (or just for funsies every now and then), why not bust out the big guns?

On a more regular basis though, I’ve just been using Too Faced BB Cream for sheer coverage and SPF, and then just dab Watts Up on my cheekbones, bridge of my nose, and cupid’s bow for a little extra glow.

Anyway, since this new blog is obviously about enabling me in all areas of my life, it’s your turn to let me know about all of your new favorite products so I can further this addiction! What makeup products are you digging lately?

The Curse of the Four Eyed Monster

Once upon a time, in a land rather far away, a little brown-haired girl was sitting in the back of her 3rd grade classroom. The lesson of the day was multiplication, and the little girl’s teacher was showing the class a big yellow chart upon which she had written a multiplication table.

The little girl looked quizzically at the yellow board. She could see the board, and she could see that there were numbers written on it, but she couldn’t see them very clearly.

“Mrs. Roberts,” the little girl asked, squinting as she raised her hand high in the air. “I think you need to write the numbers bigger. I can’t read them.”

Of course, little did the girl know that she was, at that very moment, succumbing to become a victim of…


Okay, so maybe I’m being a little dramatic. Yes, I was indeed an adorable little girl with dark brown hair, who, in the 3rd grade (at the ripe old age of 7, in fact), found out that I needed glasses. But considering I converted to the blessed religion of disposable contacts at the even riper age of 11, it hasn’t really been a huge deal. I mean, I’ve spent more of my life with impaired vision than without, so I got used to it, you know?

Now, that being said, that isn’t to say that life hasn’t had it’s unfortunate circumstances due to the fact that I have terrible, terrible eyesight. My contacts prescription is -7.25 and my glasses prescription is -7.75 (or something like that). And for those of you who have no frame of reference for those numbers, that is pretty bad. In fact, my vision is so awful that it is absolutely impossible for me to go about my daily life without SOME kind of corrective lens. This isn’t some kind of “I need glasses when I read” or “I have worse vision at night” thing. This is straight up “I am basically blind” stuff right here. And that, naturally, means that the times when I am forced to go without glasses or contacts, it’s not super fun.

Like the time I was at camp, and my glasses broke when I fell off the tire swing, so I had to wear my prescription sunglasses for the rest of the summer. Or pretty much any time I’ve ever been swimming, ever, and unable to open my eyes underwater for fear of my contact lenses just floating on away. Or that time I was driving home from work, and I got something in your eye, so I rubbed my eye and then my contact popped right out — poof! And fell somewhere onto the bottom of my car so I had to drive the rest of the way home with one eye closed.

Yep. C’est la vie. Or at least, it is my life… until tomorrow morning. Because bright and early tomorrow, I am going under the laser and getting LASIK.


Getting laser eye surgery is something that I have honestly thought about since I was probably 13 years old. Of course, it wasn’t actually feasible from a monetary standpoint until now (this ish is ‘spensive!), but it does feel like I’ve thought about it for FOREVER. It’s just always seemed so… liberating. The thought of not being dependent on glasses or contacts to see. Not having my glasses fog up when I get hot (which is, er, a lot of the time, actually). Being able to wake up in the middle of the night and not have to squint to high Heaven just to see the time on my bedside clock. Being able to fall asleep without having to go through the horrible dry-eye that comes with falling asleep with your contacts in. Getting to avoid the entire pre-bed ritual of taking them out in the first place! Ahhhh, SO MUCH FREEDOM!

Of course, there is some vanity involved, too. I mean, if I wasn’t vain about it, I probably wouldn’t wear contacts in the first place, right? But that honestly isn’t the main reason that I want LASIK. Heck, since I’ve been confined to my glasses for the past two weeks (a pre-procedure requirement), I’ve even had many people tell me that I should wear my glasses more often!

It’s cool though, since I’ll be even more of a hipster if I wear the frames WITHOUT the lenses anyway, right?

Again, it really comes down to the liberation of not being dependent on something — glasses OR contacts — in order to be able to see. And while, admittedly, I’m a little scared of the idea of a machine cutting a flap into my eyes with lasers, I’m pretty darn excited, too. So think good thoughts for me tomorrow morning! Good, clear visioned, 20/20 thoughts.

Do you wear glasses or contacts? Have you had LASIK? Ever considered it?