Taste of Falls Church

Hi dee ho, neighborinos.

So, last week was kind of a bummer. To say the least. But thankfully, my weekend was very pleasant and will hopefully carry me through this NEXT week, which will still be chock-full of dealing with the things that happened last week. I took a zillion pictures this weekend, so to stop your eyeballs from exploding I’m going to split up my weekend into two posts.

First up, Saturday and the Taste of Falls Church!


As you are all probably sick of hearing by now, I love living in the little city of Falls Church. It has the perfect balance of big city commodities and small town charm. The Taste of Falls Church & Fall Festival is one of my very favorite events that they put on each year. This year, Sean and I (and Daxter) met up with my parents at the festival to enjoy some of the best that FC has to offer.


While other festivals, like the Taste of DC or Taste of Arlington, may offer a bigger variety and selection of restaurants, they are also often crowded to the point of insanity! This one was still very crowded, but in an ALMOST manageable way.


Almost. Daxter may or may not have had a few panic attacks while on the ground (to be fair, there were a LOT of baby strollers there, haha) so I had to carry him for a little while.



There was a representation of many of my favorite Falls Church restaurants at the festival. Also, Chick-Fil-A was there. Not so local, haha. We skipped that booth as well as the two pizza joints in favor of some TRUE local flavor!




Amongst the many, many, many things we tried were:



Jambalaya and mac & cheese from Dogwood Tavern.


BLT gnocchi from Pizzeria Orso that was insanely delicious.



Some kind of potato pasta with bolognese sauce and a cannoli from the Sfizi Cafe. I think I like the idea of cannoli more than I ever really enjoy a cannoli itself. Perhaps I need to remember that for next time, hahaha.


Fried pickles and homebrewed root beer from Mad Fox. By the time we got to the frickles, there was only room in my stomach for like, one. One pickle slice. It was SO much food. I don’t think that the vendors really embraced the idea of it being a “taste” of Falls Church, haha. Thank goodness I had Sean (and my parents… and Daxter) there to help me out.

Unpictured is the ice cream scoop we got from Lazy Sundae and the delicious orange/lemon crush drinks from Clare & Don’s. Whew!




The weather was awesome (all weekend, actually!) and I had a really great time. I think it was just the sort of thing I needed after the week I had. And the rest of the weekend didn’t disappoint either, as I got to meet up with the wonderful Lauren the next day! Pictures from that foodfest are to come tomorrow though. Hopefully this week is overall MUCH better than last week. Nobody hit my car this morning on the way to work, so I’d say I’m already off to a good start!


Oh, the day I’ve had today. Aren’t Mondays supposed to be bad enough normally? I’m dealing with a whole truckload of crap having hit the fan today, so instead of going into it too much just yet (need… time… to process…) let’s just go over the pretty pretty photos I took at the Farmer’s Market on Saturday, yes?








Fluffiest. Dog. Ever.


The absotively wunderbar Jessica met up with me at the Farmer’s Market because she is an angel. She offered to bring me a few cupcakes she had made because I was sick all last week, and when have I ever said no to cupcakes?


They were swearword-worthy amazing. Moist and dense cake that was not crumbly in the slightest, and perfectly sweet-but-not-too-sweet frosting. Strawberry cupcakes with elderflower icing AND mango with coconut cream cheese icing. I think. All I know is they looked and sounded fancy, so I might have gotten the details wrong. Either way, they were FANTASTIC!


They did not last the entire weekend, and that’s all I’ll say about that.


Though I will say, I kind of wish I had saved at least one for this absolutely abysmal day. Though I am trying really hard not to use food as a crutch for my emotional issues (of which there are many, but at least the ones today are justified). Then again, I have had a REALLY crummy day.

Oh, choices, choices!

Happy Fourth!

Happy Fourth of July, everyone! And I suppose I should wish a big “Happy Birthday!” to America while I’m at it, eh? 🙂


In celebration of this day, I put on my most patriotic outfit, which I quickly realized I will not ACTUALLY be wearing today because I cannot fathom the thought of going through the heat in a cardigan of all things.


Today I’ll be partaking in some of the best Independence Day festivities that our nation’s capital has to offer, before slinking back to Falls Church to see my brother’s band perform and watch the fireworks. Have a wonderful Fourth!

Happy Birthday, America!

Happy Fourth of July, everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday weekend (provided you, like me, got today off!) and are doing up Independence Day in style. 🙂 So far the weekend has been a blast! You are already up to date on the cupcake and pizza extravaganza from Friday night, so here’s the lowdown on more of my weekend shenanigans!

"The Best Fruit Today!"IMG_9805.jpg
Very CherryIMG_9815.jpg

Saturday morning kicked off bright & early with a trip to the Falls Church Farmer’s Market with Jenn!


We met at Fitbloggin’, and she just moved to the area (yay!) so it was really fun to get to show her a slice of my little city.


Since I am really lame, I forgot to bring cash with me to the market! So Jenn, kind person that she is, was kind enough to buy me a crepe for breakfast.


Nutella, banana, and coconut – oh my!


‘Twas obviously delicious. On our way back from the market (haha, I love saying that!) we made a pit stop so that I could pick up some cash to pay her back… and a little something else.



After such a great morning, the afternoon had some big shoes to fill. Luckily, Panda and I had some superawesomefunness on the docket: a picnic on the lawn and Mamma Mia on the stage. I love Wolf Trap!


We had lawn seats, spread ourselves out and had quite the feast! Unfortunately it was unbearably hot sitting out there under the sun. No shade in sight! I definitely got sunburnt on my back despite my best sunscreening efforts, too. Ah well, totally worth the dehydration headache for the company, fun music (hello, ABBA!), and gogo boots. 😀


After baking in the sun for, ummm, many hours, it was time to refuel:


I downed an entire Robek’s Pina Koolada smoothie in record time. I needed my energy back to last me the trip up to Columbia I made right after! Daxter and I were paying a visit to his new li’l cousin (and subsequently would be dragging both him and my sister back down to FC with us the following morning.)


Vino was consumed. Sleeping occurred. And the next morning (Sunday!), bright and early, Jenny dragged me out on the 20+ minute run I was desperately trying to avoid (well, more accurately it was a run, then walk, then run, then walk, then sprint, then die.) We covered slightly less than 2 miles before heading back down to Falls Church where I had plans to meet up with fellow blogger Stephanie for brunch!


I dragged her out to Natalia’s where I feasted on a portobello mushroom and goat cheese crepe, with a yumtastic salad on the side.


And an iced coffee, natch. Y’know, since Daxter decided to wake me up at 7:00 AM. For this being a holiday weekend, I haven’t exactly been catching up on my sleep. Worth it for the company (we talked blogging, weight loss, and life for almost 2 hours!) and the deliciousness. I don’t think my family would disagree either, based on what I came home with…


A cherry almond tart, a raspberry almond meringue bar, and a gluten-free chocolate pistachio bar, shared amongst many. Yum! Afterward we let the dogs work off our treats for us at the dog park, but since this has already been quite the lengthy holiday post, I think I’ll save those pics for later. After all, you already know my proclivity for photo overloads when it comes to the D-O-G-P-A-R-K, hehe.

Happy Fourth, Friends! Weigh-in will have to wait ’til tomorrow, seeing as it’s a holiday ‘n’ all. 😉 Enjoy the day!

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