Somaliland: The Abaarso Story

I know I owe you an update as to what’s been going on around these parts, but I come to you today with a message of a different kind. My brother, Ben, who I mention ummmm basically all the time on here, has been filming an amazing feature-length documentary, which is in its final stages and just launched a Kickstarter to get to the finish line!

The film features 5 students from a school in Somaliland, and their education journey as they attempt to get into US colleges, universities, and prep schools. Their stories are incredibly touching — most of them are the first of their families to go to school at all, let alone to have aspirations to become college graduates, doctors, and the like. Given the current political climate surrounding immigration and the fact that Somalia is on the list of banned countries, it’s more important than ever to make these students’ stories heard.

More than just wanting to support my brother, I have personally met one of the students featured in the movie, Farah. In addition to her being just a great, fun girl to spend time with, I was so moved by her spirit to learn, to work hard, and how much she wants to give back to her community. These are rough, divisive times, but — as my friend Harry says in the video below — it’s important to hear stories like this to remind us of how insignificant our differences really are.

So, with that said, I invite you to please check out the video for the documentary below, and then find out more, share, and offer your support, on their Kickstarter page.