Onward We Go (Weigh-in)

Good Friday, friends! I’ll keep this one short and sweet since I’m sure we’re all eager to get our weekends going, but just a few things before I get to the deeply humiliating good stuff.

Firstly, thank you all so much for your incredible support through my last few extremely emo, extremely wordy, scarily honest posts. I spoke a lot about how terrifying this process is for me the second time around, but it makes it so much easier knowing how awesome my readers are, so thank you for that.

Secondly, to make up for said posts, here is a gif of a cat petting a rabbit:

Thirdly, I wanted to share with you the most recent addition to my healthy journey toolbag:

I got a Fitbit Flex! I had a Nike+ Fit that my brother got for me a couple of years ago, but I stopped using it for a long time (clearly) and when I tried to boot it back up, it didn’t seem like it was reading accurately anymore. Plus, it doesn’t track as much stuff as the Flex. So after a little bit of comparison between the Fitbit Flex and the Jawbone UP (it was a close call!), I decided on this slick-looking do-dad. So far I really love the My Fitness Pal integration and the sleep tracking, and as I get more accustomed to wearing it I’ll be sure to come back with a more robust review!

Okie doke, well, I guess there’s nothing else left except for You-Know-What.

(Re)Starting Weight: 236.6 lbs
Last Weigh-in: 233.4
This Weigh-in: 231.0 lbs
Difference: -2.4 lbs

Another decent loss that I’m pretty happy about. I mean, not like, happy-happy, since I’m not thrilled about my weight in general right now, but at least I’m still headed in the right direction. Onward, downward, and all that jazz. And tonight, Sean is taking me out to dinner for our 2-year anniversary, so here’s hoping I don’t undo all of this in one fell swoop!