Fashion Friday: Amazonian

I’ve mentioned before that I’m finally starting to take control of my height. I stand at a not-outrageous-but-certainly-in-no-way-petite 5’9″. That’s 69 inches, or 175 centimeters. I am not short. And as being a, well not-short person, I’ve always found myself battling between my love of footwear and my desire to not seem like an Amazon. My mom and my sister both clock in at under 5’2″ (as does my future sister-in-law, Taylor) and my ex-boyfriend hated when I wore heels (he is 5’10” and evidently insecure about it). So for most of my life, I stuck to flip flops, flats, and the dreaded (and totally unflattering) kitten heel.


Well, not anymore! I refuse to relegate myself to cute but unremarkable footwear any longer! Yes, it does help that Sean stands at a perfect 6’1″ so I don’t have to worry about Nicole Kidmanning his Tom Cruise, but it’s more than that. I think it boils down to a confidence thing, too. Being tall means you stand out, right? Literally above the rest. And for a really, really long time, I didn’t want to stand out. Because standing out meant being The Fat Girl. I wanted to blend right in. Well, screw that. I don’t want to blend in any longer. I just want to be me.

And I am both 5’9″ AND I also love shoes of all heights. I am an equal-opportunity shoe lover. So there.


Sweater: Target
Pants: New York & Company
Harry Potter Book Page Necklace: Pretty Little Charms on Etsy
Zella Wedges: Sole Society

Whenever I wear more of a statement shoe, I try to keep everything else pretty color neutral. I also wanted to prove that yes, I do wear pants, not just dresses! Truth be told, though, I will always prefer dresses over pants + top. Coordinating tops and bottoms is a lot of work, haha.

Feeding my current shoe obsession is Shoe Society, a website where they have totally adorable shoes that are constantly rotating. They release a new style every day, and only appears to keep a style until it sells out. They are SUPER reasonably priced (I think the most expensive pair I’ve seen is a pair of boots at $69.95) and so far the quality seems good. Free shipping both ways, too. I’m not a spokesperson for them or anything (although I think that quite a few real fashion bloggers are), I just really like the concept. And the colors. And the price point. Also, if you sign up through my link and end up buying a pair, I get more monies to spend on shoes!

Good things I have all this high-heeled confidence now, eh? 😉