Confession: I’m a bit of a hoarder. It’s true. It’s time to come clean.

I simply cannot bring myself to throw things away. Old magazines. Dog sweaters that Daxter has grown out of. Clothes that no longer fit me (in one direction OR the other). My bookshelves are littered with prizes won from Dave & Buster’s years ago, my drawers are full of hair accessories that I have not had the hair-length to utilize since senior year of college. And let’s not even get started on my collection of Hello Kitty tchotchkes, hehe.

Sure, every now and then I might get inspired to do a purge of my closet, or finally throw out the junk mail that I’ve been letting pile up on my desk. It’s not a healthy epidemic. There are no pathways that have been forged between stacks of old newspapers in my room. In reality though, if it wasn’t for the fact that I move every couple of years, which actually forces me to parse through my collection of stuff, I’m pretty sure that I’d be at the level of people on TLC’s “Hoarders: Buried Alive” in a hot second.


I’m trying to work on my problem though. My most recent tackling attempt? My makeup collection.


I love makeup, and I consider myself fairly knowledgable about it. I mean, let’s face it, I have A LOT of it, haha. So I really do know that you’re supposed to replace your makeup items every once in a while, and as I’ve added new items to my collection in doing so, they’ve slowly been upgraded in quality as well.


So it still begs the question of why I’ve been holding onto that old 99ยข Wet ‘N’ Wild eyeliner pencil, or broken eyebrow brush, or can’t-pull-off-that-scent-anymore perfume. So alas, after much deliberation and self-convincing, I’ve taken the plunge and began the purge.


I tossed out a ton of old products, free samples that were piling up unused, and pretty, though empty, makeup boxes (because for some reason, I can’t even bring myself to throw out the boxes…). The result?


Consolidation! Of course, it doesn’t actually look that different, haha. But rest assured, it is a much better situation.


I was even able to get rid of an entire container (the one that housed mostly half-empty old lip glosses, hahaha). Progress! Now if only I could convince myself to do the same with my collection of Archie Comics.

And of course, what is the true purpose of clearing out the old? Why, to make room for the new!



Incidentally, Sephora now has an awesome nail polish collection with which you can play.



Do you have hoarder-like tendencies, like me? Also, I should put it out there that if this entire post has bored you to tears because you have absolutely no interest in A) hoarding, B) makeup, or C) me (all three of which are entirely possible, though I’m not quite sure why you’re reading if you’re part of the last category?), you’re not alone:

IMG_6749.jpg IMG_6751.jpg
IMG_6752.jpg IMG_6754.jpg

They are not amused. I’m okay with it.