Whole Paycheck

In the event that perhaps you have been trapped in a cave with 30 other Chilean miners or suffered some other catastrophic loss of all communication with the outside world, you may be unaware that DC’s own LivingSocial offered up quite the tantalizing deal on Tuesday.

For $10 you could get a voucher worth $20 at our beloved Whole Foods, where it’s easy (or whatever’s easier than easy) to spend over $100 in a single trip. Bloggers o’er the entire blogosphere were rejoicing! People I barely talk to outside of Facebook were emailing me their deal referrals (sorry, friends, but I jumped on this ish like 5 seconds after it was released, hahaha) and my Twitter and Facebook feeds were blowing up. This deal set the record for the fastest sold-out LivingSocial deal EVER, hitting 1,000,000 (that’s a MILLION, folks) in less than 20 hours.

Whole Foods is the bomb diggity. But, of course, it might blow my mind with its awesomeness, but it also blows my wallet wide open, which is why I usually stick to the equally great but oh-so-much-cheaper Trader Joe’s on regular occasions. So, naturally, the minute I got my voucher, I was ready to spend it.


I really did intend to only buy $20 worth… but as you can see, that didn’t really happen. It’s like you’re put under a magical, organic-buying haze when you step into that store! Oh well, I got over $50 worth of stuff for $30 (Well, $40, if you count the original $10 spend on the deal.) and that’s still 20% off so I’m a happy bear!


Kombucha, almond milk, soy milk, PB&Co.’s White Chocolate Wonderful peanut butter (!!)

Cilantro, green beans, bananas, red grapes, grape tomatoes, and a lime.

Daiya vegan cheddar cheese, sunflower seeds from the bulk bins, and some hot bar action.

Soooo, the first photo alone pretty much showcases where I would have had to stop if I had really only been spending $20. Worth it, hehe. And I know it seems SUPER random because I have things like cilantro and a single lime in there, but I really do have plans for those things, I promise.

Tomorrow Steve and I head over to his home state of Delaware for his friend’s wedding. We’re actually driving over tonight, and thus wedding #2 of 2011 begins. Just 3 more to go after this… oy. Not sure what posting is going to look like for tomorrow due to the festivities, but you can be sure to get a full recap when I’m back.

Did you take advantage of the Living Social deal? Spend it yet? What WOULD you spend it on if you had one?

PS: The 36th annual Taste of Falls Church Festival is happening this Saturday (9/17) from 10 – 4 in Falls Church! I desperately want to make it back in time to go to this, because it’s always so much fun. If you’re local, you should check it out! (I’m announcing this not because I was asked to, but just because I LOVE it!)

PPS: OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG VAMPIRE DIARIES COMES BACK TONIIIIIIIGHT!!! Except… we got rid of TV so I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to watch it. SOB. (NO. SPOILERS.)

Daily Eats – 9/12/11

Sorry this is coming a little bit late. Apparently the functional side of vlogging is something I’m still working out, so it took me roughly 8.7 billion hours to get my video uploaded on Youtube last night, hahahaha. Aaaanyway, just so you can’t call me out for falling off the wagon YET…


Thomas’s Light English Muffin (100) with 1/2 T of Dark Chocolate Dreams PB (45) and a smear of organic strawberry preserves (10)


Kombuchaaaa! 160 cal, drunk throughout the entire day.)


A repeat of the avocado pasta recipe I have been working on, except this is a recycled pic because my actual leftovers oxidized and turned brown like poop. STILL DELICOUS THOUGH. (400-ish?)

10 blue corn chips (140) with homemade salsa (15)


Curbed my Chipotle craving with an equally-as-bad-for-you honkin’ apple and chicken sausage quesadilla (I don’t wanna know) with greek yogurt (60), homemade salsa (15) and the rest of the apple in slices (100)

So, in conclusion, I am lazy and don’t really feel like calculating exact amounts for dinner, but given the amount of cheese I tossed in that beast, let’s just say it was probably a lot. Snacks were all good though! Oh well. Onward!

Breakfast with a FT Job

I don’t know if you had a chance to see my daily eats post from yesterday yet, but let me tell you. I had the most EPIC at-work breakfast ever, and I wanted to tell you aaaaaall about it. I don’t know why I haven’t done a post on prepping breakfast at work yet! As I’ve mentioned before, eating breakfast every day has been so, so essential for my diet and weight loss. But with a fulltime job, especially one like mine that starts bright and early at 7 AM each day, getting in a nutritious first meal can be challenging. Pop-tarts just don’t cut it anymore, I’m afraid!


Your Ingredients:



Your Equipment:



Your Instructions:


Bring a tupperware container or microvewave-safe bowl with you, and crack your eggs into it (look, it’s smiling!) Season them with salt & pepper (or if you have an entire spice rack at work, feel free to go nuts! Haha) and whisk it all together with a super classy plastic fork.


Pop your eggs into the microwave for 1 minute. If you peer into the microwave during this time, it will look like your eggs are ballooning up and you will fear they will explode. Do not worry. They will not explode. When the minute is over, they will look like this:


Tip: if it’s possible to spray your egg container with nonstick spray, do it. It’s not a necessity, but just be aware that if you don’t then some egg is likely to stick to the sides of the bowl. Not a big deal, just soak the container right after you remove the patty from it. Also, it’s generally a good idea to get the patty out right away, as the colder it gets the more likely it is to stick.

Anyway, instead of radiating your eyeballs by peering into the microwave while your egg patty cooked, you should have been toasting your sandwich thin, english muffin, bagel, or whatever and slicing up your tomato with an equally classy plastic knife.




I used 1 tbsp of smoked salmon spread, but you could use anything. A laughing cow cheese wedge, cream cheese, butter – it’s your choice! Seriously, creating this very filling, highly satisfying breakfast takes 5 minutes. Of course, if you don’t have a microwave in your office, you’re probably hating me right now, but you could also prepare your egg patty at home and just assemble your sandwich at work instead. I’ve definitely done that a few times before realizing I could do it all without running (quite as) late. Hahaha.

So quick recap of the rest of my day yesterday:


I hit up Whole Foods to pick up a few things. Proving yet again that I really need to get into couponing, I walked out with the following:


Fage 2% Plain Greek Yogurt (the medium tubs of Fage are on sale for $2.99!)
Tzatziki Sauce (I have plans for this…!)


2 organic avocados
2 bags frozen fruit (tropical medley! Ole!)
Pre-cut veggies for grillin’
Organic red grapes


Yellow mustard
Almond Breeze (original flavor)
2 cans tuna
1 can salmon

While there, I also blew $4 on my very first Kombucha.


Have you heard of this? It’s a “living foods” drink that is made with some kind of like fermented mushroom thing. It sounds super weird, and it is, but it’s supposed to have all kinds of health bennies (that’s “benefits” for the abbreviation-resistant of you) like aiding digestion (which I need!), and… you know, other stuff. I’m still learning all about it, obviously, considering this was my first one! Verdict? It was… interesting. It smells kind of like wine. Which makes sense, since it’s fermented. And while it doesn’t taste bad, per se, it’s definitely something I’ll have to get used to. I liked that it effervesces though (and does it naturally!) Drinks are so much more fun when they’re bubbly.

Since Whole Foods is located in the same shopping center as the pet store I go to, Wylie Wagg, I also stopped in for some necessities for these tykes:


Namely, dog food, since I literally fed them the last piece of kibble from the container that morning. Cutting it a little close!


Not that anybody cares to know this, but I feed the dogs California Natural Herring & Sweet Potato dog food, and sometimes I mix in some Merrick wet dog food as well. I did a lot of research on dog food nutrition when I got Daxter, since managing Harry’s nailbed condition means really upping the ante in terms of his diet, and I heartily recommend both of these brands.

Clearly, they’re fans too:


Speaking of Harry’s condition, actually… remember last week when I had the joyous experience of rushing Daxter to the emergency vet when he had a bad reaction to his vaccinations? Well, the fun just never stops in this household. Harry has what is called symmetrical lupoid onychodystrophy (try saying that ten times fast!), and it seems to have reared his ugly head again. See how in the background of the first picture of them above, he is holding his foot up? Here’s a better look:


My poor babyyyyy! He’s my adorable little cripple right now, refusing to put any weight on his little tootsie. Harry’s rare condition, when it flares up, causes his nails to crack down the underside and literally separate from his nailbeds. It’s like his body is rejecting his own nails. Needless to say it’s very painful, and it took 4 separate vet visits (2 regular, 2 emergency) and a crapton of money before it was even diagnosed. There isn’t really a cure, but it’s usually manageable with a diet that is high in Omega fatty acids, through food or supplements, or both. Hence the herring-flavored dog food, haha.

Okie dokie. I think I’ve taken up enough of your Friday morning. Let’s end this on, if not a happy note, at least an interesting question. Have you ever tried Kombucha? What health benefits have you experienced? I think this is going to be one of those things that I desperately want to like, so we’ll have to see if that actually ends up happening, haha.

PS – Crammed my 20 minutes o’ exercise in at the last minute last night: a hail mary set of crunches, lady-pushups (on knees), yoga poses, stretching, and a few pathetic plank attempts. All set to the beautiful beep of my stopwatch. 😉