FHBC: LiveBlogging!

So! As part of the Fitness & Health Blogger’s Conference, we are participating in something called LiveBlogging: essentially speed-dating between bloggers and brands. Apologies in advance if the rest of this post is incredibly disorganized, but there are 7 different companies having us taste and try their products. Exciting! First up is one that I think you may have seen me talk about just a few times before

1. Popchips!



We did a blind taste test of a chip, which OBVIOUSLY I was able to identify immediately. Salt & Pepper! You guys already know that I feel pretty strongly that despite being a processed food, Popchips are an awesome replacement for those of us who suffer from cravings for chips/fries/salty crap. They come in pre-portioned 100 calories single-serving bags, and they are undeniably much healthier than other chips! They’re also gluten-free, which is something that I didn’t ever really think of (in case that’s an issue for any of you out there.)


DOUBLEPLUSBONUS: They’re coming out with Jalepeno flavor in July! EXCITE!!!

2. Recharge


Powdered sports drink mix that comes in pre-portioned packets to pour into your water bottle. 10 calories per packet. Flavors: Orange, tropical, grape, and lemon. Sweetened with stevia, no HFCS. Tried the orange, tastes pretty good, super sweet, reminds me of tang. I guess you could equate it to a healthier Crystal Light, or an alternative to Gatorade. Obviously water is still the best choice, or a high-calorie refueling drink after hardcore exercise, but if you’re looking to quickly rehydrate or are concerned about calories then it’s definitely a viable option. 8-packs sold for $3.99.


3. Detour Bar


Their bars we were meant to sample unfortunately didn’t arrive, but they provided a different product for us to try instead to give us an idea of the quality of the product. Based on the principles of whey protein, has 15g of protein (the equivalent of 2 eggs) per 170 calorie bar with only 3g of sugar. However! It is sweetened with sucralose, i.e. Splenda, which obviously there are some issues with the use of artificial sweeteners and the fact that the bars are specifically made to taste indulgent and like candy bars, which could make you crave more candy bars.


4. Cascadian Farm Organic & Larabar


Larabars: 2 – 9 ingredients, all-natural ingredients, super awesome. Amazing breadth of flavors.

They do not have the indulgent taste of a candy bar so I’m not sure if I would say they could replace them, but they do make fantastic snacks – they are fairly high calorie, but very satiating because they come from fruit & nuts.


Cascadian Farm Organic: Started on a farm in 1972 that is still open and still running. Focuses on cereals, bars, granola, and frozen fruits and veggies!

5. Casa Noble Tequila


Ummmm, HELLO! Skinny margaritas? YES PLEASE. 3-ingredient tequila that makes it “skinny”: an average margarita can be anywhere between 250 and 400 calories, whereas this recipe is 48 calories an ounce!



2 oz. Casa Noble Crystal (138 calories)
1 oz fresh lime juice (7 calories)
3/4 oz. agave nectar (36 calories)

Certified organic and sustainable tequila brand. Delicious! And strong! Ruh-roh…


6. Jovial Foods


A line of einkorn pastas. Einkorn is an “ancient grain” that is “nutritionally superior” to today’s regular whole wheat pastas. A natural source of B vitamins! It’s similar to spelt, and the grain has never been modified or messed with. They also produce gluten-free brown rice pastas. 4.1 grams of fiber per 2 oz. serving! 9g protein, 200 calories. Available at Whole Foods! Also produce a line of einkorn and brown rice cookies!

7. Rudi’s Gluten-Free Bakery


Bread, bread, bread! I’ve never been a fan of gluten-free breads in general, because, you know, they don’t generally taste good. Hahahahaha. And while I will say that I still don’t think I would opt for gluten-free bread myself if given the choice, for those that are gluten-intolerant or follow a gluten-free diet I think it’s a wonderful option. The texture is a little more crumbly than traditional wheat bread, but for a loaf made out of potatoes and rice, it’s really quite good! 90 calories a slice, partially-organic ingredients. You can find it in the freezer-section, and it’s recommended that you store it in the freezer as well. Sold nationally in both natural food stores (like Whole Foods) but also in conventional stores like Safeway!


Okay! So there you have it. And now I’m going to go, ’cause my half-Asianness + Boulder elevation + this skinny margarita = I’m getting wasted. See you tomorrow! 😉