Daily Eats – 3/6/12

Oh hey. Remember when I used to actually do the things that I said I’d do? Like start posting Daily Eats again? Yeah, about that…

Better late than never, right?

Breakfast: Trader Joe’s frozen blueberry waffle (110 cal) and a Pineapple 2% Chobani (160 cal).

Lunch (Part 1): Romaine salad with pineapple, feta, and raspberry vinaigrette (~220 cal).

Lunch (Part 2): Frozen Trader Joe’s vegetarian pad thai (520 cal).

Dinner: SUSHIIIIIII! (~400 cal).

Total: ~1410 calories. Yee-haw!

Daily Eats – 1/25/12

I know, I know, I suck. I said I was going to be posting daily eats posts regularly, and I’ve been failing at that. But I will have you know I’ve been tracking AND photographing what I’ve been eating pretty well. I’ve just been too lazy to actually post them here, go figure. I’m working on it, though, I promise. While I get my act together, here’s a day’s worth of eats from last week. Better than nothing?

Trader Joe’s yogurt (140 cal) plus an unpictured Luna Bar (180 cal)

Leftover homemade bulgogi over white rice with roasted b. sprouts on the side (~450 cal)

A packet of Justin’s chocolate hazelnut butter, sucked right from the packet ahahaha (190 cal)

Family dinner night with the ‘rents: chicken with creamed corn, sauteed spinach, pork, and more brussels sprouts, with brown rice. (??? cal).

Not including dinner, that’s 960 calories, which means I was probably pretty darn close to target in the end. Huzzah! Again, apologies for the slacking on this. I’ll get better… eventually. 😉

Daily Eats – 1/9/12

The day started out with a slice of whole wheat toast (100 cal), a tablespoon of peanut butter (80 cal), and a smear of sugar-free raspberry preserves (5 cal).

Then an apple as a morning snack (80 cal).

The first part of lunch was a serving-and-a-half of my healthy chicken salad (200 cal).

Followed by the rest of my balsamic braised red cabbage (~200 cal). Just as delicious cold as it is hot!

Unfortunately, my stomach started to feel kinda weird before dinner, so I wasn’t feeling up to much. I ended up copping out and making a bowl of ramen (380 cal) and an egg (90 cal).

Total for the day: 1,135 calories. Kind of low! Guess that means there’s time for me to nom on a couple Hershey’s miniatures to balance me out, haha. Win!

Daily Eats – 1/4/12

Yesterday’s eats! Forgive the iPhone photos. Laziness strikes as always again!

I started with ~6 oz. of V8 Smoothie (Strawberry Nanner) watered down with some tap water to create an equal 8 (90 cal).

And a clementine (35 cal).

Lunch was a multi-parter, starting with the good ol’ salad I’ve been enjoying for the past few days — greens, onion, grape tomatoes, craisins, blue cheese, and balsamic dressing (~200 cal).

Followed with a crapton of cornmeal encrusted chicken tenders. I didn’t intend to eat all of them but… you can probably guess what happened, hehe (~300 cal).

1 cup of orrecchiette pasta topped with a homemade sauce which included ground beef, Trader Joe’s Vodka Sauce (SO good), mushrooms, and a crapton of spinach. Delicious. I went back for just a smidgen more afterward, hehe. (~700 cal).

Unpictured: Activia Nonfat Blueberry Greek yogurt (190 cal).

Total: ~1,515 calories. Winning! Still got to work on that inverted pyramid though… whoops.


Thank goodness for long weekends, that’s all I have to say! Mine was a-hustlin’ and a-bustlin’ with trips to the dog park, homemade sushi, and getting schwasted-faced at my friends’ band’s show. Before all of that, though, my work-free Friday started off with a trip to the zoo!

Autumnal Zoo

I always forget that the National Zoo is so easily accessibly, picturesque, and the best part, FREE! So when my friend Sarah suggested we hit it up, I was more than game!

Zoo Lights
Asian Trail

As evidenced by the incredibly wind-blown hair I’m sporting in the picture that Sarah took of me above, it ended up being quite the blustery day. That certainly didn’t stop us from getting trigger happy with our cameras though!

Say Cheese!

Cheetahs and pandas and elephants, oh my!

Cheetah Cheetah!

We had been hoping that the new elephant house they’re building would have been ready, but we were off by… oh, about 2 years. (2013 y’all!) I really like that the National Zoo brings so much attention and fundraising to the diminishing Asian elephant population, so the existing exhibit was still a lot of fun to check out.

Donate to a Good Cause

Especially for those of us with an incredibly sophisticated sense of humor…


Post-zoo, we went to have lunch at Open City, a neat little coffeshop/restaurant/bar right by the metro.

Open City

It was really cute! The place was hoppin’ so the service was a tad slow but I loved their drink menu: so many different kinds of teas! Sarah got a mulled apple cider that was to die for.

Also, she has the best iPhone case EVER. I want.

Inevitably I ended up being too indecisive on the beverage front, so I just stuck with water to go alongside my Open City burger. Cheeseburger + bacon, yes prz!


After nommage, I continued my social Friday by meeting Hilary for coffee! I felt horrible because with all the travel time from the zoo I ended up being SUPER late for our meeting (and I generally pride myself for my punctuality, shocking as that may sound) but she graciously forgave me and we had a great conversation.

Hi Hilary!

She also generously gave me a couple cases of La Croix sparkling water because she ended up trying it and hating it, haha. More for me!

Are you a zoo-goer? I know that many people feel strongly against zoos and aquariums, and that they can be kind of controversial. That being said, I have to admit that I do still like visiting them. I think part of it continues to stem from my continued hope that one time they’re just going to let me take one of the otters home with me.