No, not me, of course! My brother-in-law, Dan, completed his first marathon on Saturday at the DC Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon! My sister also finished her second half-marathon. While I may have given up on long-distance running for now, as you can see, there are clearly still a couple of running rockstars in the family!!

Sean and I made it into the city to spectate the end of the race and cheer Dan on at the finish line. It was HOT on Saturday! I felt so bad for the poor runners who trained in the winter cold only to have to fight against the sun on race day. A big congrats to everyone who ran the race(s)!


After everyone had a chance to cool down and rinse off, a group of bloggers, runners, and readers gathered at Continental Pool Lounge in Rosslyn. Despite a little hiccup where I was late for the very meetup I organized, it was a lot of fun getting to catch up (however briefly) with people who I hadn’t seen in forever, as well as meeting new fellow occupants of the blogosphere!

Beth and Megan; Caitlin and Theodora; Me and Theodora; Ashley and Gia!

I love it when my internet life and real life collides. Though, I should state, this is not an invitation for someone to start stalking me, hahaha.

Sean, me, and Beth; Ashley and Emily

Sean got full points for not only putting up with so much family stuff earlier in the day, but for being willing to brave a blogger meetup in the first place, haha. Oh, our poor friends, family members, and significant others… 😉


We unfortunately didn’t get a group shot while everyone was still there, but near the end one of the servers at Continental was kind enough to offer to take a picture of those of us who remained. Hopefully it won’t be too long before I see some of these cats again… especially, as I realized, a lot of us live here but never actually meet up unless there are bloggers coming in from out of town, tsk, tsk. I think that happy hour meetups will need to become a regular occurrence! 😉


While we’re on the subject of those who live locally, I hope that you’re getting out to see the cherry blossoms this week! I heard on the radio this morning that tomorrow is actually going to be their peak day (they’ve bloomed crazy early this year!), so I would hightail it out to check them out before they’ve all blown away! The chances of them still being around for the Cherry Blossom Festival (and 5K/10 Miler) in two weeks is pretty slim, after all. Sad. In case the idea of all those pretty blossoms blowing away is seriously bumming you out, here is a picture of Daxter with a sock on his head:


Happy Monday!