Daily Eats – 9/6/11



Whole wheat toast (100 cal) with 1/2 tablespoon of peanut butter (45 cal) and a teaspoon of jam (10 cal)


Applesauce – HLS swag (100 cal)


Oatmeal Squares – more HLS swag, hehe (200 cal)



The most epic black bean burger fail ever, turned black bean hash. Still delicious though! (~250 cal)


Hebrew National fat-free hot dog (40 cal), on a potato roll (130 cal) with organic ketchup and mustard (10 cal). What? I had a craving!

Harry and Daxter didn’t judge. They wanted in on it. 😀

A few sips of Kombucha. Gotta ration! (~10 cal)



Sandwich on whole wheat bread with smoked salmon, cream cheese, onions, capers, and lettuce. Plus a few bites of Reema’s salad, hehe. (~400 – 500 cal)


Peanut Butter Heaven.

1/2 a tablespoon of pure ecstasy (45 cal)


1/4 cup of coconutmilk beverage (half of what is pictured. 20 cal.) I’m still on the fence about this… I didn’t really enjoy drinking it on its own, but that just may be because I was expecting something a little different. Wahhh! I want to love it!

Total: ~1,460 calories. Right on target! Wheeee!

Daily Eats – 9/1/2011

This ain’t going to be pretty, what with the iPhone pics and all, but in dedication to me Septembering my resolve, I figured I had better throw a Daily Eats post up stat. Behold!


Banana – 70 calories

Plus an unpictured slice of whole wheat toast (100 cal) with <1 tbsp PB (~80 cal) and 1 tbsp organic strawberry preserves (30 cal)


5 dolmas (stuffed grape leaves) – 175 calories


Homemade veggie taco salad with vegan soy protein crumbles and a salsa + greek yogurt dressing (~350 cal)

1 serving (9 chips) Krinkle-cut Kettle chips – 150 cal


1 tbsp PB (100 cal) and 6 celery sticks (5 cal)

Oh Nuts! Dried fruit mix from HLS swag bag – Not sure of calories so I’ll guess conservatively. ~200 maybe?


1/2 cup rotini pasta (~100 cal) with 2 pieces squash (10 cal) and a small grilled chicken breast (about 3 oz; ~150 cal)


A disgusting-looking but rather tasty winged attempt at microwaved Nutella cake a la Cassie. I reeeeeally need to stick to recipes, hahaha – ~250 cal.

Total: 1,770 calories

Not too bad. Not great, but not too bad. Onward!