Of Mice and Pen

Aloha! Hope everyone is having a great week so far! Ours has been really busy, pretty stressful, but overall still good. Guess those good weekend vibes have kept going into the week, because I’ve been able to mostly maintain a sense of calmness despite the fact that this week is going by suuuper quickly, and I still have lots to get done. (And in spite of the fact that my car maintenance appointment ended up turning into a $700 brake pad replacement. Wheeeeee…)

It does help that I’ve gotten to spend lots of time with the most adorable people in my life, of course!


Tuesday was a crazy busy day — work, personal training, and therapy! — but my parents and my sister-in-law came over for dinner, so I got to cuddle up with baby Marnie which was a very nice way to end the day! She’s getting so big and alert! I mean, “big” being a relative term next to our giant toddler, of course, but it’s still really fun to see her growing up. Especially now that we know firsthand how fun she’s going to become!

I had a work event last night (Wednesday), so I had planned on taking the morning off to take Penny to Cox Farms for a mommy meetup at the Fall Festival, but, alas, she had other plans…

Lol. And since she doesn’t nap when she’s at daycare, I try my best to let her catch up when she’s at home. But I still wanted to take advantage of having her with me for the day, so after she woke up (and after a snack that she shared with Daxter, of course), we packed up and headed out!

Our first stop was to Caboose Commons, the new brewery/coffee house next to Mosaic where my friend works — it’s an awesome spot that I definitely can see myself working from often in the future!


They have a super cute little seating lounge with a kid’s rocking chair that Penny was super into. Notice how much happier she is sitting in the chair than sitting in her own mother’s lap. -_-


And after our stop there, we headed to our favorite play place, nook! They have an awesome little dress up nook set up now with various costumes, and I had a lot of fun dressing Penny up like a little mouse (and a raccoon, but she didn’t like that costume as much, lol.) She loved the slide this time too, and was going down all by herself (backwards, on her stomach)!


Our fun adventures totally wiped her out, too, she was snoring in the car within minutes of me strapping her in to go home. Unfortunately, I have not in any way mastered transferring her from her carseat to her crib without waking her up, so it was a short lived nap… which made me feel justified about her long morning nap, at least.


We came home, she played for a bit on her own while I got things ready for the evening, and I got to watch her DESTROY some spaghetti & meatballs before I had to skidaddle off to my event (leaving her daddy with bath duty, gahaha.)


Today she’s back at daycare and I’m off to work at my coworker’s big party in DC for most of the day. The sad news is that means I only got about 40 minutes with her in total today, since she’ll have long been in bed by the time I get home late tonight. The good news is, according to my daycare app, she’s actually taking a nap right now! So hopefully she should be in a really good mood for her daddy when he picks her up. And, of course, I feel extremely blessed that the days when I don’t get to see much of Penny are so few and far between.

Anyway, all that being said, it’s time to get cracking with the rest of my to-do list, since I’ll be heading into DC shortly. See you guys on the flipside!

Much Ado About Nothing

After the Hot Chocolate 15K on Saturday, I would have been perfectly content to lay prostrate in bed for 24-hours straight. Of course, that doesn’t exactly make for a productive day, nor for an exciting blog post.

Silver Bells

Luckily, I already had plans with Claire to have a fancy grown-up ladydate last night! So we headed into the city for a delicious dinner at Zaytinya, then to see Much Ado About Nothing at the Shakespeare Theatre Company.


I hadn’t been to Zaytinya since my birthday dinner two years ago, so it was fun to go back! It’s a Mediterranean mezze restaurant, which is small-plate style (like tapas). It’s a little on the expensive side, but is definitely tasty!

Pita Bubbles

Claire and I got a bunch of li’l plates to share… as well as some sparkling wine to sip. We are ladies, after all!


For starters, we got a little bowl of tzatziki to dip our warm, fluffy pita bread in. You could tell it was made with real, full-fat Greek yogurt and it was AMAZING. So creamy and rich. Nom.


We also got the beet salad that I distinctly remembered from my birthday dinner. So delicious. Can someone PLEASE tell me where I can find golden beets? I need more of them in my life but can never, ever find them in the grocery store or at the Farmer’s Market!

Zucchini Pancakes
Zucchini & cheese patties

Shredded lamb wrapped in phyllo

Lamb and beef meatballs

Everything else we got had crazy Greek names that I can’t really remember… Keftedes… Kolko-something-edes… it was all delicious, so to channel the playwright of the evening: What’s in a name?

We also got to sample some Mediterranean desserts! One was a sort of deconstructed Turkish Delight, and the second was a saffron rice pudding, with candied pistachios and candied rose petals! We got the latter out of curiosity more than anything else, but it was pretty good, if somewhat different. Rice pudding is never my favorite dessert, but I feel proud as a foodie for being adventurous, haha. All in all, a fabulous pre-theatre dinner!

Shakespeare Theatre Company

As for the play, it was fantastic! We got the tickets as part of a LivingSocial deal about a month ago, but didn’t know much about either the production or the venue. Turns out they were both very modern as well as very cool! Much Ado About Nothing is one of Shakespeare’s comedies, and was full of snark and wit. This production was set in 1940s Cuba, complete with tangoing, mojitos, and flamenco guitars. I’m always amazed by how easily Shakespearean language translates into more modern staging. It runs until January 1st, and I heartily recommend the show!

The only real downside was that the show didn’t end until 10:30 last night, and that’s not including the metro ride back and the time spent editing the photos above, haha. So not only am I super sore, but I am also mucho exhausted. One thing at a time though… What is the consensus on post-race massage? Am I supposed to wait until I’m no longer sore, or is 48-hours enough time to have waited?

Happy Monday!