I’m not very good at tempering my emotions.

When I’m happy, I’m really happy. Like, so happy I could probably cry.

When I’m sad, I’m really sad. Like, I almost undoubtedly am crying.

And as the past few nights have proven, I’m also evidently not very good at tempering my stress and anxiety.

I felt like I literally laid (lied? lay?) awake for almost 7 straight hours last night. Even when I was “asleep”, I felt like I was awake. I mean, cognitively, I know that I fell asleep for at least some of the night. But it was such a light, easily-interrupted sleep (thanks a lot for barking at 2:39 AM, Daxter!) that it barely felt like sleep at all. And if my super jumbo coffee this morning is any indicator, it was certainly not restful. And this hasn’t been the only time lately this has happened.

I think most of it is coming from being so anxious (in an excited way) over the progress I’m making on self-publishing my book. I’m anxious and eager to get it out there, but I acknowledge that there are still many steps I have to go through before it’s really ready. And unfortunately, that means a lot of waiting, right now, while some amazing, gracious people read my manuscript and while I’m working with graphic designers on my cover options. It’s just that I’m not very good at waiting.

Anyway, my basic plea is to ask for your best remedies for insomnia. Seratonin Melatonin pills? Chamomile? Warm milk (err, actually, scratch that one). Halp?