Snowquester (Weigh-in)

Hello there my Wednesday compadres — are you currently experiencing the effects of Winter Storm Saturn? Even though it’s March, which MEANS IT SHOULD BE HEADING TOWARDS SPRING, we are currently experiencing the most snow we’ve received all season here in the metropolitan DC area. Plus side? I’m working from home today, which means schnauzers in my lap and frequent ukulele breaks.

So I figure I’ll cut right to the chase with the weigh-in for today, since the weigh-in itself informs what I want to talk about/ask you guys today. YE BE WARNED: This is a full-scale TMI kind of post, so if bathroom-related things make you squeamish, I suggest you X out now. No hard feelings. Heh.

Ooookay, here we go…!

Starting Weight: 246 lbs
Last Weigh-in: 193.8 lbs
This Weigh-in: 193.9 lbs
Difference: +0.1 lbs

So. No loss. I don’t count 0.1 pounds as a gain, but if you do, well, there it is. However, I’m really not too broken up about this, and I have a reason not to be. (Though, honestly, at this point I’ve been blogging about my weight for so long that it takes a pretty serious move in either direction to get me really worked up these days.) Anyway, I’m not too saddened by my not-loss, because I have this distinct feeling that I did actually lose a smidge, it’s just not showing up.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, that this is just the deluded kind of self-talk that professional weight-losers-and-regainers like yours truly tell themselves. And normally, I’d probably agree with you. You know I don’t really make excuses when it comes to my weigh-ins. If I lost, I lost because I did some things right, and if I gained, it’s probably because I ate pizza 3/7 nights the previous week. The only times I tend to get actually annoyed/upset/dumbfounded by gains (or not-losses) is if I did everything “right” and still don’t see any results. And, of course, that does tend to happen occasionally because our bodies are douchebags and sometimes they just like to screw with our feelings.

But! In this case, I actually do have a pretty hearty suspicion as to why the scale hasn’t appeared to budge in the past two weeks. And that, my friends, brings us around to our bathroom discussion. See, I’ve been, um… not… able… to do stuff… (please don’t make me actually say it) for a few days now. It’s actually getting pretty bad. I feel bloated and heavy and thus SUPER ATTRACTIVE, and it’s generally really uncomfortable. I am going to guess that the obvious culprit is the huge decrease in the amount of grains and carbs in my diet, as I’ve increased my protein and fat amounts. Shocking, I’m sure. I’m hoping that it’s just my body taking some time to figure itself out, and I’m also hoping that the pound of roasted brussels sprouts I had for dinner last night will help set things in serious motion. But even if this particular… episode… bout… thing… resolves itself soon, I’m thinking I’m going to need to start paying attention to my fiber intake. Perhaps even look into taking a fiber supplement of some kind? The crappy thing about fiber is that it seems to wreak havoc on your system whether you have too little OR too much. Tricksy, tricksy little hobbitses.

Do you ever experience fiber issues? Take a fiber supplement? I’m especially interested in hearing from any of you that operate on paleo-like diets, or anything that’s higher in fat and protein, but really anybody should feel free to add their two cents (provided you haven’t run screaming for the hills yet).