Yelp’s Fit Club Wrapup

It’s March! Which not only means that we can (hopefully) look forward to some of this ice and snow melting, but it means that Yelp’s Fit Club is officially finito! For those of you who don’t know, all last month I was working on a fitness promotion for Yelp that included a ton of different fitness and nutrition events.

It ended up being a lot of work to fit in 8 different events myself, plus squeeze in a trip to Savannah, AND have my annual Regional Summit for work all within the same (very, very short) month, but I gotta say, coming out on the other side of things makes me feel like 2015 has already been a pretty rockin’ year. After all, it’s only Day 2 of Month 3, and I already feel like I’ve accomplished A LOT.

Plus, I’m not gonna lie, it was kinda nice shifting my focus from the foodie side of Yelp to the fitness side of Yelp, at least for a little while. Of course, as soon as I got together with my Yelp coworkers from my regional team, things reverted back to normal, hehe. But more on that in a second. First, let me tell you a little bit about two of the super interesting workouts that I got to try through Fitclub!


[solidcore] isn’t lying on their website when they say that this is the hardest workout you’ll ever do in your life. I did this workout LAST Saturday and I’m pretty sure my abs are STILL sore from it. It is 50 straight minutes of core work on megareformer pilates machines, and duuuuuuuude. It was SO intense. But CLEARLY a great workout — it’s all about working your muscles to failure and letting the calories keep burning long after the class is over.

Untitled Untitled
Luckily, all the ridiculous hard work paid off in the form of an exclusive breakfast at sweetgreen right afterwards! They prepped us special parfaits made with their yogurt, rolled oats, quinoa, nuts, honey, blackberries, and mint, as well as avocado and cashew butter toasts.

So even though this was definitely one of the hardest workouts I’ve ever done, it was also one of the most rewarding. Figuratively and realistically, heh.

Orangetheory Fitness

So after I finally recovered from [solidcore], I had the opportunity to work out at Orangetheory Fitness, which is a studio that utilizes heart rate monitoring to pump up our workout efficiency.

Untitled Untitled
Everyone gets a Polar heart rate monitor attached, and then your statistics are put up on a screen throughout the class so you can keep yourself in check. It’s also kind of fun, because it has you working like a team with your fellow workoutters — you get “badges” and stuff for everyone being in the right zone and whatnot.

The workout outself is a lot like a personal training session or CrossFit WOD — we would spend a certain amount of time/distance on the treadmill, then move over to the rowing machines, and did that cycle three times. Then we did weight training sets for the rest of the hour.

In the end, they summarize your heartrate info on the monitors AND email you a summary from Polar afterwards! Pretty cool! I actually did a lot better than I thought I would — I was sure that my heartrate would be in the red zone like, 70% of the time, but I guess all that P90 has been a little bit useful after all! If anything, I could have been pushing myself harder, I guess? I dunno, I sure felt like I was working it!

There was also a couple of yoga classes, a dance workout, and a nutrition workshop tossed into the mix too, but these two were definitely the workouts that I found most interesting from a learning standpoint — I’d definitely go back to Orangetheory, although I’m not sure if I’m really cut out for [solidcore] juuust yet. But hey, it did make me feel just a little bit less guilty about all that insanely delicious food I ate during my Regional Summit.

Untitled Untitled
Errrrr, then again… there’s probably not enough [solidcore] in the world to offset the insanely delicious meals we had at Zaytinya, Tico, and Acadiana last week. I’m drooling just thinking about them! Plus, the company wasn’t too bad either, hehe. My coworkers are the best!

As part of our Regional Summit, we also had a team off-site at Escape Room DC, which is this CRAZY fun Clue-like mystery game. You get locked in a room that is rife with clues, and you have 45 minutes to escape. It was an insanely fun teambuilding activity (spoiler alert: we did NOT escape, but we sure had fun trying!) and I’m already thinking about going back for my birthday!

I heard they’re actually building an even bigger location in Alexandria set to open in the Spring, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for that!

And that just about brings us up to speed! I’m off to Savannah AGAIN tomorrow (crazy!) which means I’ll get to spend a little more QT with my sister and niece on the way over. Hooray! So I’ll be back here in a few to update you guys on that, hopefully with some extra cute Mia pics in tow, hehe.

See you on the flipside!


Happy Monday, friends! I hope you all had fabulous, Hunger Games-filled weekends! I had intended to go see the movie again on Sunday, but ended up getting sick and bailed. I’m planning on seeing it this week though, kekeke.

While my Sunday ended being of the invariably lazy variety, my Saturday was chock-full of activity and social whatchamacallit. For lunch I had the pleasure of meeting up with a few local bloggers for lunch! The fantastic Lauren reached out to a few of us to see if we’d be up for a little group date. Initially we had settled on taking in the sights of the National Zoo, but the weather put a bit of a damper on that. So instead, we met up for lunch in Dupont Circle at one of my old faves, Sweetgreen!

Sarah, Jenny, Lauren, Ashley, and yours truly!

For once, I was the one who left her camera at home, so thanks in advance to Lauren for letting me snag these pics! It wasn’t until I saw these pictures of our little group that I realized I was the only brunette one there, haha. I guess we should have had this meetup back when I was still in my blonde phase, huh? Bahaha.

The group of us all got awesome salads (Lauren and I both got the Pickle Madness! Perfect for me, no?) followed by delicious froyo. We ended up chatting about life, weight loss, food, and The Hunger Games (what else?) for three hours! Time really does fly when you’re having fun!

Lauren & me – as you can see, I’m still inspired by Katniss to attempt to work braids into my hair, haha.

Jenny & me – Thanks for the pic, Jenny!

One of the really interesting (to me) topics that we ended up discussing was the concept of the subjectivity of one’s weight. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: weight is SO subjective. 150 pounds on one person can look a heck of a lot different than it does on the next. This is one of the main reasons that I disagree with the BMI table as a tool for determining a “healthy” weight. According to BMI, at 5’9″ I would be within a healthy weight range if I weighed between 128 and 169 pounds. Now, I can’t really speak for how I would look at 128 pounds (the word that comes to mind, however, is skeletal), but I know that at my goal weight of 165 I will probably look pretty dang slim. I don’t think there’s a chance in hell that I would be healthy if I weighed 128 pounds. I have a large frame, an hourglass figure, and I’m not trying to justify my weight but sometimes I feel like I need to. Like, if I say that I’m a weight loss blogger who weighs 189 pounds, it’s very easy to feel like that’s not good enough. Because to a lot of people, 189 lbs still seems like a lot. Even though for me, formerly 246+ pounds, it is nothing but health and progress.

I’m still working towards my weight loss goal, but I’ve mentioned before that the number itself isn’t something I’m dead set on. I want to feel healthy, slender, and strong but I am trying very, very hard to dissuade myself of the need to feel THIN. (It’s hard to do, believe me!) I want to be able to be in a place where even if my actual weight ends up at 160, 170 or 180 pounds, if I’m eating well and exercising regularly and able to MAINTAIN that without too much trouble… well, I want to be able to be happy there. And let’s be honest, when you get down to brass tacks, 5 or 10 lbs? It’s really not a lot for me. I can understand how those single pounds can really make a difference when you’re 5’2″ or what have you, but for me? I mean, I gain and lose five pounds between breakfast and bedtime every day. After all, a pound of feathers and a pound of gold weight the same, but you’d never know it from looking at ’em, right?

What are your thoughts on BMI as a way to determine healthy weight? Or on the subjectivity of weight in general?

Daily Eats – 6/15/11



1.5 servings healthy almond breakfast cake (~200 cal)
1 tbsp strawberry preserves (50 cal)



1/2 cup low-fat cottage cheese (81 cal)
1 tbsp strawberry preserves (50 cal)



3 oz chicken breast (150 cal)
1/2 cup homemade potato salad (~150 calories)
1 cup beet and arugula salad (~100 calories)


1 bag salt & vinegar popchips (100 cal)

Lunch Total: ~500 calories



A kajillion red grapes (100 calories)


Roll w/1 tbsp cream cheese (~125 cal)

Snack Total: 225 calories

Snack, Again… 🙂


Small frozen yogurt from Sweetgreen with strawberries, blueberries, and chocolate chips 🙂 (~120 calories)



Annie’s cheesy noodles w/peas and corn added (~400 cal)
Chinese broccoli (~50 cal?)


1 cup almond milk (60 cal)

Dinner Total: ~520 calories

Total Total: 1,736 calories

Plus some exercising (walking and some intense stairwork – my gluuuuutes!) so pretty standard stuff! I did succumb to the chocolate chips on my froyo… ah well, totally worth it. 😉 Recipe for my awesome almond breakfast cake coming tomorrow!