Penny: Ten Months Old

We’ve hit double digits!!!!!

Happy 10 months, Penelope! Okay, well, technically your 10-month birthday is tomorrow, but we’ll go ahead and count this one a day early. You love to clap, can officially cruise along the furniture, and you’re still our little chatterbox. You mostly still babble incoherently, but you can say “mama,” “dada,” “hi,” “bye,” and “more” when you want to! And you’ve just recently started saying “da” while pointing at Daxter, so I’m pretty sure that’s you either trying to say “dog” or even call him by his name!

You are just the happiest, most wonderful, most sociable bundle of energy these days. Somehow, you seem to have skipped straight over the very idea of stranger danger, and seem to make new friends wherever we go! Always on the move, you’re crawling everywhere, pulling up on anything, and cruising along everything. The whole world is just so interesting to you, and you’ve just got to explore it all!

Being such a busy little bee, you don’t really have the patience to breastfeed much during the day anymore. You’re still nursing first thing in the morning, but most days that’s just about all I can get with you these days. You’re just too distracted and way too busy to bother with the boob anymore! You simply refuse to be contained, hehe — exhibit A:

Anyway, while I’m still pumping to try and keep up with your milk needs, it’s been a bit of a challenge these past few weeks. Between the decrease in nursing, my tendency to lose track of time between pumps (my own fault, I know), and the way that traveling to San Francisco messed with our stress and rhythm, my supply has unfortunately tanked again. It’s looking like we might be headed towards the end of our breastfeeding journey together, and I admit, I have very mixed feelings about it.

On the one hand, I still cherish our nursing time together so much, even if it is only once, maaaaaybe twice, a day now. And I want to keep that going as long as possible. On the other, I have grown so resentful of pumping and I’m so over stressing over my milk supply and just all of the anxiety that goes along with that. And logically I’m totally aware of the fact that formula is nutritionally great, you do fine on it, and it’s sooo easy to prepare. (I even shell out extra dough for the fancy organic stuff, haha!) But for whatever reason, I am still really attached to the idea that I’m “supposed” to breastfeed — or at least give you breastmilk — for a full year. I think it’s mostly social pressure that’s made me so fixated on this relatively arbitrary length of time, though. I mean, you’re already the size of most one-year-olds, so I’m not really sure what has me so worried about switching to formula. Ah well, I’m not sure whether I’m going to have much control over how things play out soon anyway, so I’m trying to maintain a c’est la vie attitude about it. It’s just still a bit emotional.

While we’re on the topic of eating, though, it bears mentioning that we certainly don’t seem to have any problems when it comes to the real stuff! You must be your mama & papa’s girl, because you loooove to eat. You’re amazing at feeding yourself now, and can take down anything from chicken to pasta to veggies with ease. Eggs, peas, and naturally, bread, remain particular favorites of yours, and lately yogurt, cheese, and chicken have been topping the list too.

You actually haven’t gained any weight since your checkup last month, so I guess all your rapidfire growing has finally — officially — slowed down. But as much as I might protest against you growing up too fast, I definitely still want you to keep getting big & strong, baby girl, so eat up!

I can’t believe we’re just two short months away from celebrating your birthday! Good thing I’ve already been planning your party for 4 months, eh? Hahahahaha. You are the very best thing that has ever happened to anyone, ever. I call you my Lucky Penny, but goodness knows that we’re the lucky ones!