Steak Niiiight! (Weigh-in)

Steak errrrverywhere! As if taking me to Ray’s the Steaks on Saturday wasn’t enough of a Valentine’s Day celebration, right? Well, last night the new man in my life also showed off his culinary tactics with a homemade steak dinner!


Seriously impressive, right? Sean really went all out. The surf ‘n’ turf menu included filet with a balsamic & red wine reduction, sauteed shrimp, loaded mashed potatoes, and green beans. It was all him, too! The only thing I helped with was a modicum of slicing and dicing.

Elephant GarlicMinced Garlic

Though, to my credit, the clove of elephant garlic that I minced was a total beast. See the size comparison to the QUARTER next to it? Biggest effing garlic clove ever!


Steak Niiiight

Since I was, for once, not the one bustling about the kitchen (a gift in and of itself!), I spent my time getting giddy over last night’s episode of Glee (I know how bad it is, just let me love it, mmkay) and ogling myself in the mirror. I made my first attempt at doing a true smokey eye with makeup, so I was very proud of myself, ahaha. I felt mildly whorish when I was putting on layer after layer of eyeshadow (there’s like 5 different shades going on here!), but I really like the final result. Not bad for my first try, right?

Smokey Eye

Anyway, in addition to the incredible meal that I got to enjoy, Sean also made a delicious from-scratch dessert: chocolate mousse!


I died. So yummy, but nice and light after that decadent meal. Of course, my enjoyment of the meal was slightly mollified by the thought of my weigh-in in the morning. Pairing last night with the wine festival from Saturday didn’t put my hopes very high. As it turned out, however, this really is my week! Observe:

Starting Weight: 246 lbs
Last Weigh-in: 192.6 lbs
This Weigh-in: 191.4 lbs
Difference: -1.2 lbs

Huzzah! Another pound down and another pound closer to my pre-holiday weight. Not sure if it’s just because my body hasn’t registered all the extra wine weight yet, but I am most certainly NOT complaining! I’m also sure that this loss will be rapidly undone by this weekend’s impending trip to Harry Potter World (SQUEEEEEE!) but we’ll cross that magical bridge when we come to it. After all, you know there’s no way I’ll be able to (nor would I want to) pass up a few butterbeers and cauldron cakes! And at least I’m heading to Florida on a high note!

The Perfect Pie

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends! I hope that yesterday’s announcement of Ben & Taylor’s engagement helped put you in a romantic mood — it certainly did for me! We did most of our Hallmark Holiday celebration over the weekend. In addition to taking me to the DC Wine Festival, Sean took me to Ray’s the Steaks (technically, to Retro Ray’s next door which is its new walk-in only brother restaurant) and it was AMAZING. Seriously. DC-ites, Northern Virginians, and Marylanders alike: you must go. You get complimentary mashed ‘taters and creamed spinach with your entree, so the value is awesome for a steak joint (where you normally have to pay for every side individually). Get the crab bisque and the filet with brandy mushroom sauce and thank me later.

Sidebar: I also got this gorgeous Valentine’s surprise yesterday afternoon!


Aaaand we’re back! Sunday night we played it a little more low-key and made pizza! You already know how much I love putting my Christmas-given pizza stone to use, but you also know from past attempts how poor my dough-handling skills are.


Well, I’m sad to report that nothing has changed there. Misshapen pizzas still unfortunately seem to be my thing, and this margarita pizza definitely got struck with my ugly ‘za skillz. Luckily, in contrast, Sean seems to have unearthed a hidden talent for pizza shaping. Check out the perfectly circular pie he whipped up!


I was seriously jealous impressed. We determined that a factor may have been letting the dough sit OUT of the bag (we used the ready-made Trader Joe’s dough, like always) before shaping, instead of letting it sit in the plastic. We’ll have to do a strict comparison next time!


The second, perfect pie also had perfect toppings. It was like Hawaiian (my favorite) to the max: canadian bacon, bacon, mozzarella, feta (!), and pineapple. We may or may not have tucked cheese into that gorgeous crust, too. Heh. Not to worry! I exercised portion control only made it through a couple slices.


We both decided that if we did it again, we would cut the pineapple down smaller so you could get more of it in each bite. Delicious, nonetheless, and it made for the best leftovers ever!

On the docket for today is a cookie exchange that I’ve organized for my office (you better believe my disaster cookies are making an appearance, so brace yourselves for another earthquake!) It’s my first cookie exchange, so hopefully it goes smoothly. Hopefully my roommates will be happy that I’ll be bringing home a smorgasbord of sweet treats too — I’m counting on them to help me eat them so I can stay on track…ish! 😉

What are your V-Day plans? Alternately/in addition, what’s your favorite pizza topping combination?