Thank Goodness for Trader Joe’s

I think I may have found a wrench in my “dump everything and move to Boulder as quickly as humanly possible” dream.

I think I'll keep it.

Bailey informed me that there are, in fact, no Trader Joe’s in Colorado! And I’m just not sure how I would cope with that.


Case in point: yesterday’s grocery shopping extravaganza!


Left to right: TJ’s white bean & basil hummus, dolmas, fresh mozzerella balls (hehehe… balls.), 2 cans of light coconut milk, jar of peanut sate sauce, can o’ pineapple.


Jalapeno chicken sausage (yum!), frozen mushroom ravioli (to add to my stash of I-don’t-wanna-cook back-ups in the freezer), bacon ends & pieces (for cooking — much cheaper than whole bacon!), ground turkey breast, chicken breast tenders.


Kale, sliced mango, brussels sprouts, two limes ($0.39 each!), two kiwis, baby bell peppers (literally the cutest thing ever), mini heirloom tomatoes, and seedless red grapes (tucked behind the tomatoes, you can’t see ’em.)


Misc: Garlic-infused olive oil, maple syrup, wasabi almonds (!!), whole wheat hot dog buns.

And ALL of that (which really is quite a lot!) for less than $80! I. Love. Trader. Joe’s. After doing my happy-pantry-dance, I got to enjoy this view for the next hour or so:


BAHAHA. Love you, Reema!


We went to Sweetwater Tavern, where I indulged just a little much. But if you saw my daily eats from last night, you can kind of tell I had adjusted my day to account for eating out. I just didn’t factor in that I would desperately be needing one of these by the end of the day:


Hehe. I drank half of their prickly pear frozen marg (which was more than enough for me — is it possible my alcohol tolerance is still in Boulder?) before Reema graciously helped me out.


I got crab cakes! They were about one-tenth the size of the gargantuan crab cakes I had in Baltimore, but unlike those, Sweetwater’s have like, zero breading on the inside, so you know you’re getting your money’s worth.


I swapped out the regular fries that came with it for sweet ‘tater ones. Plus cole slaw. Ate it all. Totally delicious, totally worth it.

What’s your favorite going-out-to-eat indulgence?

Sushi’s kind of a no-brainer for me, so I don’t really count it as an answer to this question, haha. So I guess I would say that I love me some crab cakes, and seafood in general will always be my choice. That section of the menu is always the first to jump out at me, hehe. I imagine that most men would probably be a pretty easy guess: STEAK!


  1. (hehehe…balls)

    I love Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods. Grocery shopping is SO fun and I look forward to it every week. It looks like you stocked up on some amazing stuff!

    I like perusing yelp and bookmarking must-trys. I never go to the same restaurant twice unless I really like it since I don’t eat out that often (budget and waist friendly) unless I’m traveling. That’s part of the reason why I hate it so much when I eat out and am disappointed lol!

    Have a wonderful Tuesday.

    • I wish I was better about not eating out, because you’re so right — it’s very expensive AND not exactly that conducive to dieting. But I looooove restaurants just as much as I love cooking. Dilemma!

  2. Larasays:

    but you resisted ozzie rolls! that’s all that matters! 😉

    • Urk… Well actually… I knew I forgot to mention something… Heh… heh… ::sob:: 😉

      • Jen Robinsonsays:

        “forgot” eh?

        • I really did forget! ‘Cause I didn’t take a picture of it. Guess even a pic of the empty bread basket would have served as my shameful reminder, haha. I’ll make sure to do that next time.

  3. Jennysays:

    I love both TJ’s and Sweetwater! Good choices!

    Sad you didn’t pick up the broccoli slaw at TJs – not only do I use it for the stir fry but I made “spaghetti” with it. I used jarred sauce plus fresh veggies and ground beef and poured on top of the broccoli slaw. My tummy doesn’t like carbs so this was a great substitute.

    I usually get a monster salad at Sweetwater but my going out indulgence is steak or dessert, things I don’t make at home.

    • AUGH! I knew I forgot something! Next time, next time… good tips on using it as “pasta” though! I never would have thought of that. This fall I really want to try using spaghetti squash as, you know, spaghetti too! 😀

  4. I am a cheeseburger girl. And also a fries with ketchup and mayo girl.

    My other go-to dining out meal is the turkey croissant sandwich (turkey, BLT, avocado, and mayo)–love it.

  5. Jen Robinsonsays:

    I heart Trader Joe’s like whoa! and my going out to eat indulgence is usually something fried- especially french fries!

  6. Trader Joe’s is wonderful! I love finding new things there all of the time. Things I had no idea I needed but the minute I see them I realize I’m not sure how I lived life without them! A great example…seaweed snacks. MMmm…

    • I know, you walk in with no idea of what you need and walk out with 2 full shopping bags, hahaha. It’s amazing!

  7. The no TJ’s factor is the main thing stopping me from moving to CO. However, I guess I could have friends send me non perishables?

  8. So, I wrote a post a couple months ago documenting my journey to Trader Joe’s. I had never been to one because we don’t have them in CO, as you know… I got all hyped up, and thought one was reallly close to our hotel in San Diego. I ended up spending literally (not a Chris Traeger literally — LITERALLY) 7 hours bussing and walking about 6 miles while carrying roughly 100 pounds of groceries around the city. It was kind of pathetic/sad/awkward/hilarious/sweaty/bad A/dedication embodied. I then proceeded to make a hobo fridge out of my bathtub to keep the goods fresh. They were delicious. Annnnd SCENE.

    Moral of the story: you are lucky to have a TJ’s. Or, you know…just some sanity. Wish they would have had some of that on sale when I was there…

    Bahaha 😀

  9. Thanks Gretchen for the share

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