The 25th Annual Hunger Games

This past Saturday, the citizens of Panem gathered for a celebration.


The 25th Annual Hungers Games–my very own Quarter Quell–took place. Needless to say, it was glorious.


But I figure, why tell you when I can show you?

IMG_1326 IMG_1328

May the odds be ever in your favor… to get through the smorgasbord of photos you are about to be subjected to.


Let the Games begin!




Choose your weapon.


Georgetown Cupcake!


Cherry blossom district cupcakes and red velvet mockingjays.

IMG_1307 IMG_1312

Lamb stew with dried plums (my own recipe!) and Caesar (Flickerman) salad. Get it? GET IT?!

<IMG_1292 IMG_1315

Fruit cornucopias and crostini with goat cheese & apples.


Peeta Pita chips & hummus.


Next up: LIBATIONS! (Sidebar: My cousin Nicky–Reaping Katniss–hand-drew the mockingjay pins on those shot glasses. Amazing, right?)


Nightlock punch. Drink at your own risk.


So. Many. Jello shots. From left to right, those are mosaic jello shots, strawberry champagne, and cupcake jello shots. Yep, you read that correctly. CUPCAKE jello shots. Let’s take a closer look:


Aaaand one more time:

IMG_1352 IMG_1335

So. Effie-ing. Good.


And finally, the most important part: THE GUESTS! (Or, at least as many photos of the guests as I could take before I got too, ehm, libation…ed. Heh.)


Katniss Everdeen, the Girl on Fire. 😉

IMG_1268 IMG_1373
IMG_1274 IMG_1258


Reaping Katniss and Seneca Crane(‘s beard).



IMG_1343 IMG_1338

District 2’s Tribute vs. The Capitol.

IMG_1364 IMG_1393

Citizens of the Capitol came out to PLAY.



(Another sidebar: I would absolutely sacrifice my dignity and become a citizen of the Capitol if it meant I got to wear lashes like Megan’s everyday.)


Katnisses of the world unite!


Even the pets of Panem came out to say hi.


And I could not have done a thing without these two beautiful ladies by my side: Aileen & Ai Rei.


The Ai’s have it! (That’s never gonna get old, by the way. Nope. Not a chance.)


Thanks for all the birthday love, super fun times, and, of course, birthday wine, friends! Happy Hunger Games INDEED. <3 <3 <3


  1. I’ve still got visions of tiny cupcake Jell-O shots dancing in my head. Which might also partially be because the pink seems to have permanently leaked into my scalp. Not complaining.

    You really know how to turn 25. So happy to have been a(i) part of it. XO

    • Gretchensays:

      You can Daxter can start a pink hair support group. Or advocacy group. Or… both? Thank you SO much for making the whole weekend so special! AI LOVE YOU.

    • Gretchensays:

      ALSO, “ai” literally means “love” in Chinese. I just put that together. Oh godddddd it’s so perfect.

  2. Ahhhhhmazing!
    I’ve been dying to see how you would pull your Hunger Games party together.


  4. Nancysays:

    I mean, this was just simply epic.

  5. This looks like it was SO MUCH FUN! You and your friends certainly do not lack creativity. The food, costumes, decorations–all of it looked awesome.

    I hope you had the happiest of birthday, Gretchen!

  6. Mmm those jello shots were amazing. AND THE SALSA! Let’s talk about the salsa. It was great. Kudos to who made it (Sean, right?)! Thanks for a great time, Birthday Girl!

    • Gretchensays:

      I’m SO happy you came! Yep, the salsa was Sean’s masterpiece. I’ve gotten a couple requests for the recipe so maybe I’ll be sharing it on here soooooon…!

  7. You officially have the coolest parties

    • Gretchensays:

      Heehee, thank yoooou! But I have also officially run out of fangirl ideas though. Harry Potter… Hunger Games… WHAT DO I DO NEXT YEAR?!

  8. Stefaniesays:

    One is NEVER too old for a theme party!

  9. So, I have no idea what any of this means because I know nothing about Hunger Games. But, it all looks awesome!! I’m sorry we couldn’t make it- but it looks like you had a great time (as always!). Happy Belated, love! Enjoy 25 (you young thing!)

  10. You sure know how to party! Seriously, jello cupcakes? I need to try right now…

  11. Best party ever! Looks like a lot of fun! Happy birthday!

  12. Oh my God, this is the coolest party EVER.

  13. O_O too much awesome in one post. I can’t tell if it’s me or my browser that’s twitching.

  14. You’re so creative! Looks like it was a blast <3

  15. Your birthdays are the most epic celebrations I’ve ever seen!

  16. What does a girl have to do to get an invite?!?! Haha, happy belated and it looks like you guys had a blast!!

  17. Is anyone else really hungry after seeing those photos of all that delicious food?

  18. Angiesays:

    I am so impressed with your party. Did you plan that all yourself? You could be a party planner!

  19. First of all – Happy Belated!!!

    Second of all – you guys went all out!!!!! I love everything about the execution of the theme!!!! 🙂

  20. what an amazing party! you went all out and it looked great!

  21. A. Will you come plan all my future birthday parties? I never have anything .01% as awesome as this.
    B. Holy hotness Batman, your bod in that red dress is out of control.

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