The Art of Not Doing

I’m going to need to warn you about the sheer number of double-negatives you are about to encounter in the following post. Any English majors out there shouldn’t not avert their eyes.

There are a lot of things I don’t do.

It isn’t bad not to do some things. For example, I don’t smoke and I don’t murder people. I consider these to be generally good accomplishments. And this rings true even if we take a step back into slightly more realistic examples (unless homicide really is something that you struggle with, in which case my blog doesn’t hold the answers for you. Dexter does.) For example, it’s good when I don’t bottle up my feelings. When I actively take action not to take action in the face of emotional hardship. (Let’s see if I can be more vague! Hahaha.)

Sometimes the “good” part in NOT doing isn’t obvious though. I do feel that my choice not to weigh myself this morning was actually quite healthy considering the strong impact that last week’s weigh-in had on me. And it was hard, too, because it’s difficult for me to let go of the number on the scale. Plus there’s the idea that some of you out there who might be judging me for crapping out, as it were.


But I stand by my convictions (er, for once.) My emotions have been on enough of a roller coaster on their own over the past few days. They don’t need any help from the 0.2 lbs I may have lost or gained. I’m not giving up. I’m not even giving up the scale. I’m just… taking a beat.

Of course, even I can acknowledge when my choice to not do something comes purely out of stubbornness or laziness. I might not admit it. But I can acknowledge it.

Like when I was supposed to run four miles yesterday as part of my race training plan. I confess that I did not, in fact, do that.

Judged again.

But enough about what I didn’t do. Or what I continue to not be doing. Or… other… equally awkwardly worded incarnations of the same. I’m going to do what I do best and eat my feelings focus on the positive.


I DID seed the crap out of this itty bitty baby butternut squash.


I DID sprinkle it with olive oil, salt & pepper, and roasted it in a 350 degree oven for 35 minutes. (I DID NOT remember to peel off the skin before cutting it in half though, which made for difficult extraction. Whoops!)


But I DID turn it into a beautiful(ish) mash of orange deliciousness with the help of a splash of soy milk and my handy dandy immersion blender.

What is one thing that you’ve felt good about NOT doing lately?


  1. Rikkisays:

    I did ban the world “should” from my life. I might have mentioned this before. It really helps me to avoid judging myself… because truthfully, what other people think of me is completely external and I don’t get unglued until I take what I think people think, and turn it on myself and judge myself. Not healthy, not productive. No “shoulds” for me… or “shouldn’t”for that matter.

    I often don’t weight myself if I don’t feel like I will have something to feel about on the scale… I postpone the weigh, and concentrate on making good choices for 3-5 days and then weigh myself. This tends to be a much healthier, positive pattern.

    I did not feel like running yesterday… and I had a totally easy, baby run to do. I made a conscious decision to switch my rest and run day yestereday and today… it was a compromise…. because I look forward to my Wednesday of resting bliss… but my brain and body needed the rest on Tues. Anyway, by 5pm…. I was itching to run…. so I ran it… it was just a matter of timing and taking away the “should”. Also, sometimes on days that I don’t feel like running I tell myself I’m going to go out there and run for just 10 minutes… and if it sucks, I will turn around and come home… you know how many times I’ve turned around and come home… once! And I was totally at peace with it, it just wasn’t my day. : )

  2. Not stepping on the scale for the past month has been one of the best things I’ve NOT done in years. I am happier, more confident and I have no freaking idea how much I weigh. It is incredibly liberating. 🙂

  3. I feel good about not cleaning my house for the last week (iamsogross), but I ran a freaking marathon and have earned the time off, so I’m relaxing and letting myself slack off a little and most likely nothing too terrible will grow on my floors by the time I get around to cleaning them… 😉

  4. Your squash is lovely!!!

    Enjoy your beat…you’ll be in a much better place this week with it! 🙂

  5. I feel good about not letting how fast the holidays and the upgrade at work are coming stress me out (too much anyway)! I have done a great job recently at taking a deep breath and not letting stress take over.

  6. Jen Robinsonsays:

    Hmmm… what have felt good about NOT doing lately? Cooking 🙂 I’ve been crazy with work this week and Dan has taken care of dinner. so nice!!

  7. I did not do anything house related yesterday so I could lay on the couch reading. Seriously feeling happy today that I let myself veg out and finish a book.

  8. occulasays:

    You totally had me at “Any English majors out there shouldn’t not avert their eyes.” I love reading your blog – your frank, straightforward attitude is charming, and you’re hilarious to boot. Somehow my husband and I have started saying “up in hurr” now.

  9. I have NOT been eating out for every meal like I was doing two weeks ago. This bad habit I was developing was inflating my credit card bill and my waist line. I decided last week that it was time to put a STOP to it! I allow myself to only buy a meal three times during the week now, and they have to be low in sugar and sodium (this one is hard!).

  10. You should feel very good about not murdering people. I sometimes struggle with that concept on the metro. It’s a tough one. 🙂

    But, that butternut squash looks freaking amazing. And you know what? We aren’t perfect. I’d say you are kicking a lot of crap out of the water lately so you are doing great. Plus, that’s why we have wine, right?

  11. I did not shut off my alarm and lay in bed like I wanted to this morning! I think it’s a GREAT idea not to weigh yourself this week, especially if last week really had an emotional effect on you. This morning I was thinking about weight and scales and numbers and this might sound like captain obvious, but I was thinking a lb of ice cream weighs the same as a pound of broccoli. If we really measured health purely on weight, we would be in a lot of trouble. I would choose a pound of ice cream over a pound of broccoli if they were created “equal”. Also, who weighs themself after vay cay? Crazy people, that’s who.

  12. I have NOT signed up for a single 2012 race yet. Though I’m dying to and it’s really hard, I want to wait until I get closer to starting to train. IT’S SO HARD TO BE ME.

  13. Elizabethsays:

    I’m glad I haven’t gone out and drank till I puked lately! Kinda felt like it but knew it wouldn’t be helpful. HUGS!! Don’t not do whatever you don’t feel like doing this week. Or something, ha. 😛

    • Let’s go out and get drunk together! I think we have similar motivation to try to drown our sorrows right now. And it’s not as damaging if you’re doing it with a friend, right?

  14. I haven’t officially weighed myself in a couple of weeks because I know my food choices haven’t been the best (I’ve seriously been caught in a rock, hard place, with a boulder coming down the mountain when it comes to food availability/healthyness) and I’ve been super stressed. So I just let my body tell me how I’m doing, and avoided the emotional toll of the scale until I can handle it again.

    … I did have to weigh myself at the doctor’s last week. When the number came up, the doctor looked at me and asked I was happy with it. I shrugged and said “Not really, but I ran 4 miles in under an hour yesterday. I’m happy about THAT.”

  15. I feel good about NOT writing a post for tomorrow. Instead, I spent time with my husband, watched Glee (from last night), made dinner and now I’m relaxin’ 🙂

    • I should have done THAT tonight. The not writing tomorrow’s post thing. It’s sad. It’s such a sad attempt. Hahahahaha.

  16. Brindasays:

    Thanks to your encouraging words some time back, I have not been missing my workouts 🙂
    But you know, you need to cut yourself some slack. Its okay to just have a break sometimes. I’ve read your body needs it sometimes and maybe this was just a way of letting you know. 🙂 What helps me is to not think about things to much and also not workout and be healthy out of a feeling of guilt 😉 On days I don’t feel like going all out, I go for a stroll and just relax. Or go for a massage! You’ll be fine. One day at a time.

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