The Everyday Perils of Dog Ownership

Ahh, Monday.

Truly, nothing says “Welcome to the work week, biotch!” like being woken up by your dog puking on your carpet three times in the middle of the night. After he’s already made a onesie AND a twosie on your bathroom floor (but I do appreciate that he goes into the bathroom to do it, at least!). Yes, Daxter got me off to a grrrrreat start this week. Sigh.

My suspicion is that when Daxter gets sick like this it’s mostly anxiety-related. Which is kind of sad, because he has no real reason to be anxious. Ever. Seriously, between my brother’s and my work schedules, the dogs are left alone for maybe like, 3 hours a day — if at all! Not to mention they’re pretty much the most spoiled things ever. But between Daxter’s recent penchant for pooping on bathroom floors and Harry’s new allergy developments (he is so itchy ALL the time! I feel so bad for him. Anyone have any homeopathetic dog itch-relief remedies they want to share?), my little schnauzie-poos are definitely a handful right now.

Let me disclaim: I didn’t actually put Daxter in “jail” for puking. I just thought these pictures that Taylor took a few months ago were particularly apt.

As always, they are supremely lucky they’re so gosh-darned cute.

Anywayyyy, instead of dwelling on all of that literal mess, let’s look at some pretty pictures of sushi, shall we? I met up with my friend Amanda on Friday and we took a trip to my beloved Koi Koi. I actually had already had sushi earlier in the week, so I didn’t end up getting my usual sushi smorgasbord. Just a chicken katsu dish (which was so delicious I forgot to take a picture) and a little salmon roll on the side.


Plus edamame, duh.


Amanda Instagrammed her own deliciousness, so I took a photo of her taking a photo. I’m so meta.

IMG_9467.jpg IMG_9465.jpg

I hope that you all had wonderful weekends! See you on the flipside. 🙂


  1. My dog has allergies, too. They seem to be season related so I hope that by fall he’ll be done with them. We have him on a grain-free diet that has helped with his hot spots, as well as Benedryl (1 gram per pound of weight) to help with his itchy, watery eyes. The only thing that worked 100% was the cortisone shot the vet gave him.

    I’m sorry your dog ralphed everywhere. Dog vomit is no bueno. Bright side: at least you didn’t find out he vomited by stepping in it!

  2. Being awakened by the sound of puking is never fun. Sorry for the rough night.

    My poor girl Eva, (a 4 year old blue pit bull) has horrible allergies. She itches, she chews, she gets hives, etc but a few things have helped a bunch.

    She no longer has chicken in her food we aren’t sure she’s allergic to it but it is a common allergy for animals. Another thing is benedryl she gets 2 pills twice a day (she’s 70 lbs) particularly during the spring/summer time. Also the vet suggested getting local honey and drizzling a teaspoon on her food. It helps reduce the allergies because it exposes her to local allergens.

    And finally this helps relieve the itch for her…take 1 part apple cider vinegar and 2-3 parts water and dip a cloth in and rub it on his itchy parts in Eva’s case it is her stomach and her ears. Just be careful not to get too much in her ears. A little won’t hurt because it helps reduce the chance for ear infections.

    Good luck!!

    • Thanks for the tips! I did read some stuff online about apple cider vinegar too, so I will definitely try it now that I know that it works. Yeah poor Harry has been scratching and licking pretty much nonstop. That local honey thing is very interesting too. Will have to pick some up the next time at the Farmer’s Market.

  3. It’s not homeopathic, but my vet recommended children’s benadryl for Bagigi’s allergies. She’s 30lbs so we give her a dose recommended for a 30lb child.

  4. That reminds me of the time that I got a new carpet, and then in the middle of the night I heard that lovely sound that my dog was about to vomit and I was like, “No!!! Not on the new carpet!” Because of course she has to stand on the carpet, instead of one step to the right where there’s wooden flooring… and then she was fine, and two minutes later she runs to the carpet and starts again D:

    • Hahaha, yep. They always seem to do that, don’t they? I mean, this is going to sound disgusting (and it is) but I’ve definitely heard Daxter wretching/gagging before, rushed over, and just let him throw up in my hand as opposed to on the carpet. Soooooo, yeah. I understand. Bahahaha.

      • Wow that’s a new level of gross :p

      • Triciasays:

        Unfortunately, I have had to do that too. We were on the way to the emergency vet and I caught some puke in the car.

  5. Poor puppies. Daxter is so strange- why is he puking?

  6. Kelsey M.says:

    I give my dog Benadryl. It is amazing!!

  7. That stinks about Daxter. Wonder why he’s anxious. And mmmmmm sushiiiii.

  8. Awww poor puppy 🙁 My dogs would take turns having random (verrrry occasional) bouts of nastiness. But nothing regularly, I’m sorry little Daxter! He needs a doggy therapist. haha. For the allergies, I’ve heard that children’s Benadryl works as well!

    I need to go to KoiKoi.

  9. Emilysays:

    Have you tried changing his diet? Wheat, corn, and soy allergies are common. I switched to a grain-free food and found my dog’s skin improved immensely. You might also try singling out protein sources to see if he has an intolerance to a particular ingredient. You could also add fish oil to his diet to help with his skin and coat. I eventually switched my itchy dog to a half raw diet (Nature’s Instinct) and she has been awesome on it for a year now! Good luck.

  10. When we first got our dog. We kept it in a kettle but she hated it. We eventually let her run around. Sure she sometimes pisses on the carpet but we love her etherway.

  11. Triciasays:

    Hill’s Science Diet just came out with a new intestinal diet. There is a picture of a schnauzer in all their marketing materials. How ironic.

  12. Lindseysays:

    Hey Gretchen! Where is he itchy? Does he itch all over? his paws/face/body? also, what are you feeding them? like Emily said, switching foods can be good, also limited ingredient diets to eliminate the protein sources he may allergic to. it could be seasonal or environmental as well. some vets can test and see exactly what dogs are allergic to: buckwheat, alfalfa, chicken, grass, etc. let me know! i work at a doggie daycare that is very into natural foods and problemsolving for people.

    • It seems to be mostly his belly/chest/near his junk that is the itchiest. Not on his back (at least not that I can tell, based on his reaction when I scratch him there) and not really his face. I feed him Wellness which he hasn’t had a problem with in the past, but I will definitely look for a grain-free, non-chicken protein sourced food to switch to in case it is food!

  13. Jessica Sinclairsays:

    I’ve never written before, but I’ve been reading basically since you started the blog…it was actually the schnauzers that caught my attention since I had one growing up, they are the BEST dogs EVER…followed closely by Shih Tzu’s which I now own LOL. We use to have an itchy Schauzer too… we gave her child’s benedryl by weight as suggested when it was really bad, we also bathed her in apple cider vinegar, and added small amounts of olive oil to her food. This combo seemed to work… hope that helps. OH! not sure if you give Daxter rawhide???? If you do take it away, that’s why MY schnauzer had her puking fits… turns out she couldn;t handle it.

  14. Heathersays:

    Fish oil!!!! My dog stopped itching after we started giving him fish oil.. And his coat is super soft now.. Plus it’s good for his joints and he gets all the benefits we get from fish oil! 😉

  15. I’m sorry about Daxter! Its tough to watch dog’s get sick. Korky just recently started itching CONSTANTLY and I was doing the benadryl thing for a bit. Then I took him to the vet and found out he had a superficial skin infection. I have to wash him with a shampoo 2x/week for 6 weeks and we are all set. He is doing so much better now!

  16. Kaitlynsays:

    Our dog had itching issues and we switched to Blue Buffalo food. The itching stopped, his coat got shinier, and he gained much-needed weight. Hope this helps. 🙂

  17. Hope the pups are feeling better!


  18. Ah! When I saw her photos on Instagram I had a guess you guys were out together! I have no clue how to help Harry’s itching but they are really adorable. Every time you post pics of them I just want to reach through the computer and cuddle with them haha.

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