The Resolutionary War

Happy 2015, friendos!

Let’s see, given that I kinda skipped over the entire holiday season ’round these parts, let’s do a quick recap about what’s been a-going on over the past couple of months, shall we?

First things first. Last we spoke, my hair looked like this:


But in honor of the season, it now looks like this:


The holidays were all kind of a blur of wonderful at this point, but they involved a joint-Thanksgiving at Taylor’s (my sister-in-law) parents’ house, a roadtrip down to Macon, GA to spend Christmas at my sister’s house, and trying to fruitlessly prove that I’m not old by doing New Year’s in DC. 2014 definitely went out with a bang!


The very best part of which was, naturally, spending time with my flippin’ adorable niece Mia:


It also probably bears mentioning that at some point during all the holiday craziness, I got promoted at work! Yep, you’re looking at the new Senior Community Manager for Yelp here in Northern VA. Hooray!

Of course, along with the promotion and presents and quality time with the fam and general warm fuzzies, also came a LOT of delicious holiday FOOOOOD:


Which pretty much brings us up to date with where we’re at so far in 2015! Much like most of America, I’d wager, I did not do the best job of keeping my gut in check over the holiday season. With turkey and ham and prime rib and pies and cookies and Lindt truffles, I definitely did my fair share of indulging. That’s not to say I went balls to the wall or anything, but in the sake of honesty, I did put on a couple of pounds between November and now. I will wait for you to recover from the shock. 😉

So, yes, in the past I’ve preached the ludicrousness of making New Year’s resolutions since, really, there’s nothing different about declaring an intention on January 1st over any other day. And yes, I rebranded this very blog to specifically declare that I was no longer interested in losing weight (or, at least, in blogging about it), well, I’ve gone back on my word and made a resolution to drop a few libbies.

In all seriousness, I still do very much believe everything I’ve said about making peace with my body and loving myself regardless of what the scale says or where my waistline is at. That said, I also never said I’d never want to lose weight again, and while I do think I’m at a much healthier place mentally and emotionally, I’d be a fool if I simply ignored the fact that I am not at my healthiest physically.

After all, I may have been going to the gym somewhat regularly before now (“somewhat” meaning like, once or twice a week, which, credit where credit’s due, is a big improvement for where I was before that!), but I wasn’t really applying myself. I’d spend half an hour walking on the treadmill and working a few machines, and I’d hightail it outta there while still giving myself a pat on the back for going at all.

And, more importantly, I wasn’t really paying too much attention to how much I was eating. My diet may have been mostly clean, but I know myself well enough to know that it’s always been more of a quantity over quality problem with me. And as most of us are more than well-aware, weight primarily comes down to what you eat.

Sooooo, trite as it may sound, here I am with a resolution for 2015 to get back in the saddle health-wise. I wanna drop some weight, up my fitness level, and generally get my health back up to snuff. I am trying to go about things the “right” way. You know, not fixating too much but cleaning my eating back up, logging my food, and definitely upping the fitness ante.

IMG_9749.JPG IMG_9624.JPG IMG_9756.JPG

So far, things are off to a good start! My fitness-instructor sister has done me the great favor of creating some workout plans for me, I bought some weights and a kettlebell, and I also purchased and began doing Tony Horton’s P90, which was created for couch potatoes like me who get sore at just the thought of doing P90X at this point, haha. This way, even on blisteringly cold days (like the past three days have been! Brrrrr!) where I can’t be motivated to leave the house (heh), I don’t have an excuse to get my sweat on.

Hopefully you guys don’t see this as any kind of wishy-washy reneging on my new blog/life outlook or anything wherein I made bold declarations as to be done with weight loss, but rather as an honest attempt to get myself “back on track” (I actually hate that phrase, haha) with admittedly cliche timing. Either way, here’s hoping it sticks this time around!

And c’mon, I can’t be the only one who made some resolutions, right? We aaaaall do it. So let’s hear ’em: what’s your New Year’s resolution? 🙂


  1. My word for this year is “chance” the last 4 years I’ve had fitness goals (5k, half mary, full mary, triathlon) and this year I just am not feeling the pull towards any particular race. So I’m just letting it be. I’d like to get real mean about what I’m putting in my body food wise. I’m a fitness instructor, but class 3 days a week does not mean magical weight loss if your eating keeps increasing. You are allow to wish wash any way you please, and that’s the best thing about “in-between” you get to chose where you are on the spectrum!

  2. “Hopefully you guys don’t see this as any kind of wishy-washy reneging on my new blog/life outlook or anything wherein I made bold declarations as to be done with weight loss, but rather as an honest attempt to get myself “back on track” (I actually hate that phrase, haha) with admittedly cliche timing. Either way, here’s hoping it sticks this time around!”

    Yeah, I know it’s easier said than done, but you shouldn’t about what other people think/see/comment. You do you, sister. You’re allowed to be as wishy-washy, change-your-mind-y as you like. What is good for you now, may or may not be good for you in a week, month, year, etc. If we were forced to stick to what we wrote on our blogs in the past, I would be 1000% screwed. I am so not the person I was four years ago (or four months ago).

    I have a weight loss new year’s resolution, too! Mine is to be DONE losing weight by the end of 2015. And that means either (a) I actually lose weight and get to a happy place with Mr. Scale or (b) I find the emotional courage to accept my current weight and stop stressing about it. Either works. I just want to be done thinking about it before 2016 starts.

    xoxoxoxox! Come here and workout with me! 🙂

  3. I’m never going to judge anyone who wants to work on his/her fitness & health, because I have a love/hate relationship with that area of my life, just like most people. So good for you for going after what you want—whatever it is! And I’d like to hear more about P90! I’m looking that up. Also, congrats on your promotion!

  4. I’d like to actually finish Jamie Eason’s LiveFit trainer, and continue to teach myself the art of Clean Eating. Your hair looks fab, btw!

  5. I picked a word for 2014 (Simplify), and really loved that idea again for 2015. Problem: I couldn’t make up my mind. So I think this year will be centered around 3 – Authentic, Bold & Vibrant. Over the last year, I got involved in a new CrossFit community, and it has honestly changed me in the best way possible. I have never felt more confident and more “me” in my entire life, and it is an amazing feeling. This year I want to be authentically me, as well as living a bold and vibrant life. I should really get my post up about this whole “new year” thing. Can’t wait to see where 2015 takes you!

  6. Wow congrats newly promoted and nice new hair 🙂

  7. Jensays:

    Whatever it is that motivates you- whether it is “new year’s resolutions”, the color of the sky or the fact that it’s sunday- I embrace it and am always rooting for you 🙂

  8. Oh yeah, right there with you. I have enjoyed reading your journey (oh, that’s such a cheesy word) of getting to a healthy place, both physically and emotionally. I am strugglin’ on both accounts so I plan to seriously get my self in to shape! I lost a bunch and then gained a good portion of it over the last 1.5 years and I miss my healthy lifestyle!

  9. So much amazingness! Congrats on your promotion! And you do what’s best for you, end of story. You’re killing it with P90.

    And as you well know, you’re not alone with these goals – I’m right there with ya! 🙂

  10. Congrats on the promo! I resolved to: read 24 books (already on book #2!), bake a fancy cheesecake, try 3 new fitness classes (which is my subtle nod to weight loss), and get a stamp in my passport!

    Good luck on the weight loss, I’m right there with ya!

  11. I try to set goals for the new year, as there is something about the term “resolution” that just doesn’t sit well with me. This year I would like to travel more and continue with trying to learn Korean (man, that is hard!). I also want to get out and take a few classes so I can learn new skills or maybe even pick up a new hobby or two.

    For this year though, health is my biggest focus. I need to invest more time and effort into myself so I can lose weight and generally be healthier overall. I started blogging about life, weight-loss, etc. again, which I did a few years ago during my 80 pounds lost journey. Due to four back surgeries since then, I have put back on 50 of those pounds, but I plan to do everything I can to take them back off and make sure they take some of their other friends with them! Hopefully bringing back the blog will help.

    Very excited to have you back and blogging as well. With your new promotion, fabulous family (including doggies, of course), and goals for the year, I have no doubt that this will be your best year yet!

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