They Grow Up So Fast

Happy MLK Jr, Day/Inauguration Day, everyone! I have the day off here in DC for both of those reasons, but if you’re stuck at work today I definitely sympathize. Of course, today is also important to me because it’s a very important day in dog world too: Daxter’s birthday!

Clean Daxter

So yes, feel free to roll your eyes at the fact that I’m the kind of person who celebrates dog birthdays, but also, I mean, you really shouldn’t be surprised, hahaha. My little pupster is a whopping THREE YEARS OLD (sniff, sniff, they grow up so fast!) and it shall be duly celebrated. While Harry rolls his own schnauzer eyes in the background (he turns 9 in April!).


Hehe. I’ll be back tomorrow with a smorgasbord of pictures from the baby shower that I threw for my sister (it was super adorable and OH SO VERY PINK), but for now, enjoy your day! I know Daxter will definitely be enjoying his. 🙂

Dogs like Yogurt too?


  1. I think pet birthdays should ALWAYS be celebrated! Especially when they are as adorable as Daxter. Happy Birthday Chum!

  2. Happy Birthday Daxter!

  3. Happy birthday to the pup! I just wanted to tell you I read Terra and it was AMAZING. I am so impressed that you could write such an engaging, intelligent, page-turning novel (not surprised, but impressed because I couldn’t do it!). I couldn’t put it down and even now that I finished it, I can’t stop thinking about it. That’s the sign of a really great book. I am so excited for the next one, I need to know what happens!!!

    • Gretchensays:

      Doriiiiii, thank you!!! That is awesome to hear, and I’m SOOO glad you enjoyed it! Fear not, I’m definitely working on book 2! 😀

  4. Happy Birthday, Daxter! We always celebrate our dogs’ birthdays, too. After all, they *are* members of the family. 🙂

  5. Happy Birthday Daxter! Our pups are just a week a part, our Blue turned 3 last Tuesday. They do grow up so fast… So nice that you have the day off to celebrate with your little buddy!

  6. Sarah W.says:

    so cute! can’t wait to see the upcoming pictures!

  7. OF COURSE I celebrate my dog’s birthdays! Luckily it’s on the same day since they’re bros!

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