Tono Sushi (Weigh-in)

Sorry for the late post this morning, friends! I met up with an old friend last night and we had so much to catch up on that it ended up being a much later night than I originally intended! That’s the mark of having some great conversation though, isn’t it? Looking at the clock and being flabbergasted at how much time has gone by? Love it.


Tiffany and I went to JMU together (go Dukes!), but despite us both living up in DC since graduating, we haven’t seen each other in almost four years! After some Facebook back-and-forth, we realized we are actually going to be in Orlando (and, subsequently, HARRY POTTER WORLD!) at the same time later this month! Figuring that we shouldn’t have to wait until we’re in different states to meet up, we made plans to get dinner at Tono Sushi in Woodley Park.


Tono Sushi is right around the corner from where Tiffany lives, and is her favorite place. I can see why! You know that I love me some Koi Koi, but I have to admit that this place was pretty great. They start you off with a little complimentary bowl of soy and sesame marinated bean sprouts, which were delicious.


And we followed it up with an order of edamame, naturally.


The main even was the sushi, of course. We each picked two rolls: pickled daikon and spicy crunch tuna for her, salmon & scallion and spicy crunch salmon for me!


I got the spicy crunchy roll on her recommendation and it was spot on. I know it doesn’t exactly qualify as “healthy” sushi, but daaaaang was it good! The fish was so fresh, too, and the price was awesome! I always expect to spend a fortune getting sushi, but this place is SO reasonable. I only ended up spending about $15, and that’s including tax & tip! If you’re ever looking to try a new sushi place in the city, I heartily recommend this one.


We headed around the corner to her apartment to hang out, ham it up in front of the camera (I mean, have you met me?), and continue chatting. A fabulous Tuesday night, all in all!


Bonus: I ended up snapping this pretty awesome picture of her during the self-timed photo madness, hehe. The shot above is actually just a test shot I took while I was working out the timer, but I kind of love it. Gorgeous, isn’t she? 🙂

Okay, so before I head off, onto Weigh-in Wednesday business as usual:

Starting Weight: 246 lbs
Last Weigh-in: 193.8 lbs
This Weigh-in: 192.4 lbs
Difference: -1.4 lbs

Woot! Another pound down, another step back in the right direction. Onward and downward!


  1. That couch of hers is amazing!!

    • RIGHT?! That’s the first thing I said when I walked in. We spent like 10 minutes just talking about the couch. Loooooove.

  2. Tiffanysays:

    SO FUN! Ecstatic that we actually got to meet up for a reunion. See you soon, darling!

  3. Her couch ROCKS. Plus, she’s gorgeous 🙂 Looks like a great night!!

  4. Have you been to Harry Potter world yet? I can’t remember. I Know that you’re a big HP fan though.
    I went to Islands of Adventure at the beginning of the month (when I was in Orlando for the marathon). I liked Harry Potter world but wasn’t blown away. I think it was all the hype around it. I actually ended up being more impressed by Seuss Landing.

    Congrats on the 1 pound down! Wahoo!

    • I haven’t! I’m SO excited. I know it’s just a small part of Islands of Adventure, and I have been there before HP World was up. I think it’ll just be great fun for me to revel in all the HP-ness though, even if it’s not quite the immersion experience I fantasize about, haha. I love all the Marvel/superhero rides and stuff too anyway! 🙂

      • I don’t do well on the jerky rides. (Maybe that’s why I liked Seuss Landing and Toon Lagoon the best) The jerky rides make me sick and nauseous. The Forbidden Journey ride in Hogwarts castle consequently ruined the entire HP World experience for me.
        Besides that, the whole set up of the park is really well done and pretty accurate to the story(besides them putting an Ollivanders in Hogsmeade when it actually was in Diagon Alley). There’s lots to look at. I think you’ll like it.

  5. Great job on the loss this week!!!

  6. Nice work this week 🙂

    Now I want sushi…and I don’t even really like sushi! damn you! jk

  7. Tono Sushi was my jam when I used to live in Adams Morgan!

  8. Congrats on the weigh-in! Please rub off on me 🙂 Also LOVE Tono. Have only been once or twice, but super delish. ALSO, right across the street, under Baskin Robins, is Mr. Chen’s Organic Chinese. THE BEST! You can really taste a difference. Used to order from ther in college all the time.

  9. Woo hoo! Awesome job on the weight loss (I love Onward and Downward!!).
    Especially a weigh-in after eating sushi- I know that I consume a week’s worth of sodium in soy sauce alone when I eat sushi, and would have craaazy water retention show up on the scale the next day!
    You rock!

  10. I’m a little sad that you did not wear your sushi shirt 😉 Good work this week lady!

  11. I was watching Gilmore Girls last week and they had sushi on there and I’ve been craving sushi ever since. Which is funny, because I’ve only had it like 3 times in my life! I may need some suggestions on what to get!

    So glad you had fun with your friend! She’s got an awesome name! And her couch is so awesome! And that last photo is gorgeous!

    Congrats on your weigh-in! Moving in the right direction! Keep it up!

  12. YOU KNOW WHO ELSE WILL BE IN ORLANDO AT THE SAME TIME?! (Except, you know, I’ll be doing Disney instead of HPW.)

  13. Great job on the terrific weigh-in – especially after a sushi night! I’ve never been brave enough to even try Sushi. I like the picture too. Sometimes the best shots are our practice shots.

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