Viva Italiano!

Wow, you guys. Your responses to yesterday’s post really blew me away. You’re awesome, plain & simple, so thank you.

I have to admit, I was kind of a nervous wreck waiting for that post to publish! I wasn’t really expecting hostility or anything like that, but opening myself up like that, being that vulnerable… it made me nervous. I ended up having a rather melancholy weekend because of it (well, partly because of the horrible weather, and partly because I’m just crazypants. Ah well.) Luckily, I had something to look forward to last night! (Sidenote: whoever thought I’d be looking to Monday to make me feel better about the weekend?!)

Pic by Ben

Dinner with the fam at a local favorite: Argia’s! The ‘rents, the bro, and I were joined by our aunt & uncle who are in town for a couple of days.

I think my sushi shirt is totes appropriate in an Italian restaurant, don’t you?

I’ve mentioned Argia’s on the blog before, but just to remind you, it’s an Italian restaurant that specializes in family-style eating. We didn’t opt for that this time though, so everyone just ordered what they had a taste for. Argia’s, however, doesn’t seem to make too big of a distinction between their solo and famiglia servings. Portion size, schmortion size, right?

Et tu, Brute?

Mussels Man
Happy as a mussel!

I tried to order thoughtfully so that I would neither regret nor resent my meal, so I went with seafood & a caesar. I know that caesars are not exactly the nutritious king of salads, but hey, at least it’s green, right? Of course, I ended up with the biggest caesar salad in creation alongside the amazing (and plentiful!) mussels. Lucky for my waistline weigh-in, Ben was more than happy to help me out with the massive amounts of food!

Pic by Ben

Dinner last night was actually Part 2 of my not-so-stellar weekend recovery plan. Part 1 was seeing 50/50 Sunday night – absolutely fantastic movie, by the way. I LOVE Joseph Gordon-Levitt. And Part 3?


Why, just a little puppy love.

Someone needs a haircut
Somebody needs a haircut…

I think I can safely say that I’m on the road to recovery, hehe.

Is it just me, or is Daxter totally up to something in this last pic? Better watch your back, Harry…

Favorite Italian dish: go! Mine is ravioli, hands down. So many possibilities… so much awesomeness. If I had been ordering with reckless, delicious abandon, I’d have gotten the ricotta & goat cheese ravioli in butternut squash sauce that my dad ordered. Mmmm… is there such a thing as not-completely-fakey low-cal ravioli?

PS: In case you hadn’t already been inundated with tweets about it, my story was featured on yesterday!

PPS: It’s my parents’ 31st anniversary today! Thanks for getting married so you’d eventually (far down the line, after having two kids you had actually planned on) give birth to me, Mom & Dad! <3


  1. I love mussels! If they’re in a red sauce, they’re pretty low calorie too! I think my husband and I are going to see 50/50 on Friday.

    • That’s my favorite thing about seafood: it’s super low in calories but super awesome tasting. πŸ˜€

  2. 50/50 looks great… glad you enjoyed it! I get the movies so infrequently these days, I’ll probably have to wait to Netflix it.
    Mmmm, Italian. Yum. That ravioli that your Dad got sounds amazing. But good for you for resisting! πŸ™‚


    • Yeah, I know getting to the movies can be hard but if you do get a chance, this is DEFINITELY the one to see.

  3. Chicken piccata…love it!!! Funny…I was thinking of making my lightened up recipe for dinner tomorrow. Yay!! Your pups looks so cute in their bandanas! Have a lovely day!

  4. Jen Robinsonsays:

    Mmmm dad’s ravioli dish sounds to die for. totes jealous. glad you all had a nice fam dinner- sorry i had to miss out (i didn’t even get home til almost 7:30pm last night)

  5. great news πŸ™‚
    31 years is a looong time alright!
    When I was still eating dairy and eggs, I love a good lasagna and gnocchis. But I have created vegan versions and I still love me some lasagna πŸ™‚ (that the vegan version contains about 60% less fat, doesnΒ΄t hurt, either ;))

    • Ooooh, interesting. Well, cheese has the fat in it, so if you remove the cheese to make it vegan I’m sure that’s the result! Gnocci is sooooo good.

  6. I love toasted ravoli! Although lately I have been on a kick of pasta, shrimp, with laughing cow cheese and parmesan. Its awesome!

  7. Laurensays:

    I saw “50/50” this past weekend and LOVED it! Could Joseph Gordon-Levitt be any more cute?? No, I don’t think so.

    As for favorite Italian food, I’d go for eggplant rollatini (if we aren’t worrying about calories, anyway!).

  8. Yum Italian! My faves are either lasagna or ziti. My dad makes a killer ziti. It makes me think of home everytime I eat it. Just may be craving some now!

    • There’s never anyone who can replicate a parent’s signature dish. For me, it’s my mom’s chicken in black bean sauce (although she actually has many signature dishes, hahaha.) *drool*

  9. Hmmm just one? I think lasagna!! Yum.

  10. I love that shirt! I also love that you are able to eat with your family so often. That surely is a way to feel better instantly.

  11. Congrats on being featured chica! I think it’s so inspiration and motivational how you share yourself with us everyday and stay true to who you are. Work it girl! πŸ˜‰

    Fave Italian dish? I totally have a thing for spaghetti.

  12. I think you could make a relatively healthy ravioli using wonton wrappers. I saw it on Pioneer Woman a week or two ago…hers weren’t necessarily healthified, but I think you could do it.

    and that Daxter is so stinkin’ cute! πŸ™‚

  13. Your puppies are so cute! And good for you for dusting yourself off from the weigh in and getting back on track. You WILL succeed at this my friend!

  14. I want to go there, I must go there. We drive by it everyday adn I think I say, outloud, “el, we need to go there.”

    Food looks fabuloussssss.

  15. Oh. My. GOSH!!! I love Argias! Those mussels are amazing. Ive been there twice and I’ve gotten the mussels both times because they are so good. Seriously, I could eat the broth with just a spoon! I suggest a Northern VA blogger meet up at Argias in the near future πŸ™‚ Since I’m a teenager, I’d love for it to not be on a school night though. The downside of homework (among many others!)

    Also, I seem to remember that you may be doing the Hot Chocolate 5k in December….is this correct? I just signed up and started training this week. So excited!

  16. Reemasays:

    lol. I love that the shirt says (nom nom nom) like that in parenthesis. hahaha.

  17. I just really, really love tomato sauce. It’s a bit disturbing. I will make like half a portion of pasta and about four portions of tomato sauce for dinner. And then I will eat cold leftover sauce out of the fridge…

    Mussels are awesome too though – they are definitely my go-to restaurant pick when I don’t want to indulge too much, but want to feel like I’m having a treat.

    Also, your sushi shirt reminded me I have a confession to make. I might have totally bought those sushi footie pyjamas you have after seeing them on your blog. They are AWESOME.

  18. Louisesays:

    Your dad’s dinner sounds delish! My favorite ravioli ever was a pumpkin ravioli dish I had in Buenos Aires. Go figure! =)

    Typically, my favorite Italian dish is a good red sauce spaghetti with good buttery, garlic-y, slightly parm cheese-y bread on the side. (Carb overload but so good.) But this baby is causing lots of heartburn and the acidic tomato and carb and fat heaviness of that combo is a no-go for now.

    Looks like dinner was fun. Wish I could have been there!

  19. Congrats to your parents!

    I love lasagna!

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