Weigh-in Wednesday

And now, after a short schnauzer hijacking, we’re back to our regularly scheduled programming! Although actually, it’s still kind of irregular, since this is the very first Weigh-in Wednesday (oh how I love alliteration.) The times they are a-changing, folks!

So… we meet again.

Admittedly, the past two weeks of my “weigh-cation” (badoom-ching!) have gotten me a little scared. On the one hand, it’s been nice not having my self-esteem ride the emotional roller coaster that is a weekly weigh-in, but on the other… well, we all know what can happen when I don’t have some kind of structure to keep myself in check (no more 5-month plateaus please kthxbai.) So, building off of my pseudo-confidence after my 5 mile walk/run Monday and my 30-day shred from last night (Level 1… let’s not get too ahead of ourselves, haha), let’s just go ahead and do this thing:

Starting Weight: 246 lbs
Last Weigh-in: 187.8 lbs
This Weigh-in: 186.9 lbs
This Week’s Loss: -0.9 lbs

Well hey there, almost a full pound’s loss! Granted, for a two and a half week timespan, it’s not quite Tony-the-Tiger-grrreat, but I will TAKE it. I almost fainted right on the bathroom floor when I saw the 6 in there (even if it’s just barely there, haha.) I’m SO close to hitting my progress goal of 185 lbs!

I’ve been getting pretty down on myself with the looming 5 mile race I have coming up on Sunday, so this little loss is definitely what I needed to feel better about my slow-but-at-least-sorta-steady progress. So after much hyperventilating (and what may or have not have been a fair bit of fantasizing about somehow injuring myself so I wouldn’t have to do it. DON’T JUDGE ME.) I’ve peacefully come to the realization that I am physically capable of finishing 5 miles. In fact, I did it on Monday. Bam. So even if I end up walking most of it, I’m sure I’ll be motivated to run at least PART of it, which means I’ll beat the 15 min/mile required minimum pace. Goodness knows I never set out to actually “race” these races anyway (Heaven forbid!)

Bad. (Christmas 2009)

Better. (Last weekend!)

I am fully aware that I really dropped the ball when it came to training for this thing, so if I end up being the absolute last person to finish, so be it. At least I’m still doing it, right? And that “it” refers not just to the race, but to this whole healthy weight/healthy living trying thing in general. I mean, if you had asked me if I thought I’d still be blogging, let alone if I’d actually lost any weight, when I started this thing, I would have laughed right in your face. Feel free to pop on over to my “real” mid-way pictures page if you’re in need of a (graphic) reminder of where I really started.

What suggestions do you have to prepare me for the 5 miler on Sunday? I had intended to run-run yesterday, but ended up, y’know, not, haha. I have a happy hour to go to after work so I will be spending my lunch hour on the treadmill today, but what about for the rest of the week? Should I try to run/walk another 5 miles, or just try to run as far as I’m able or…? I don’t want to be in pain come Sunday but I want to be as prepared as possible and I’m clueless when it comes to this stuff… which should be obvious, given how much not-training I’ve been doing over the past, ummm, 4 months or so since I signed up for this thing. I knew I was forgetting something…


  1. You’re not going to be last. So don’t worry about that. I would do another maybe 2/3 mile run/walk before the race. I don’t think you have to do 5.

    Sometimes, you forget to train. It’s definitely happened to me before. The good thing is, there are plenty of other races, so if you don’t like the effort you put in for this one, sign up for another!

    • Hahaha, that’s how it always happens: I sign up for a race while I’m still on the high from one I just finished, and then immediately regret it. πŸ˜›

  2. No advice on the running (not my expertise!), but I did want to say good luck! Congrats on the almost 1lb too. Better down than up, right?!

  3. Anniesays:

    When I was training for my 4 miler, i put in some days of shorter, faster, runs. I would maybe do two, do a couple miles today at a pace you haven’t done yet and then walk friday like 3 miles. You want to be rested for sunday not overdone by the training!! good luck, you’ll do great πŸ™‚

    • Gooooood call, the idea of planning for a long walk or something on Friday instead of trying to cram in more running definitely feels like it takes the pressure off.

  4. I have no advice for training, since I’ve never run a race, but I think you’ve got this, and congrats on the weight loss! I only lost 1 this week – have to blog it still (yesterday SUCKED other than the loss!) Downward progress is still downward progress! You’re one pound closer to where you want to be! As a friend of mine said, weight-loss isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon! Ugh, maybe I shouldn’t have compared it to running, ha ha!

    • Bahahahaha, it’s true though! So this means that I never have to complete an ACTUAL marathon, right?

      • Not if you don’t want to! Remember, working out is supposed to be fun….bwahahahahaha! I couldn’t even TYPE that with a straight face!

  5. Kudos on the weigh-in…185 is right around the corner!

    Have fun this weekend! Enjoy being outside and be proud of your progress!!! 5 miles sounds insane to me (non-runner here), I am proud as a peach when I finish 3.1!!

    (Hey to Daxter!)

  6. Don’t do 5 miles. I’d say do a 2-3 miler in the next couple of days. Take Friday off. Do a light (1 mileish) walk on Saturday. And then kickass on Sunday. Do absolutely no strength training before your race. Muscle soreness for a race=no bueno.

    And you won’t be last. I promise.

    • Muy agreedo on the muscle soreness factor-o. I’m sure my legs will feel heavy enough come race day, haha.

  7. Just enjoy the 5 miler- I know it might feel impossible at some points during the race, but like Andrea said, enjoy the weather, and keep chugging along and you’ll be done before you know it! Run a couple miles (maybe 2?) on Friday if you can, or walk, just to keep your joints moving. You’ll do great!

    • Thanks Laurel! It’s so funny because reading the blogs of so many awesome people I constantly fluctuate between being like, “Psh, 5 miles is not that bad” to “GRAH! 5 miles is SO far!” (it’s mostly the former when I’m reading about it, the latter when I’m actually trying to DO it, hahaha.)

  8. Larasays:

    you can totally do this…i would say treadmill it today and try to go for something longer either tomorrow or Friday, but I think it’s always better to give yourself a distance as opposed to going as far as you’re able because, honestly, you can always go farther than you think…you’ve totally got this. (ps, the first time i got on a treadmill, i wished hard to fall and twist my ankle because i hated it that much)

    • Yeah, I definitely think in retrospect that covering a full 5-miles again isn’t necessary. Before my first 5K I think the furthest I went was like 2.5 MAYBE.

  9. I have to agree with the other commenters. Don’t worry about doing 5 miles before the race. Try doing a 3 miler (but probably not the day before).
    You’ll definitely be able to finish 5 miles this weekend so I wouldn’t worry about that too much. It might not be at your best pace ever if you haven’t been training, but hopefully the race is a lot of fun and you have a good time! (oh, and that you don’t get injured. avoiding injury is a very respectable goal.)

    • Hopefully no injuries for me! I was going to ask about injuries in my post, but then I didn’t want people to call me out for being lame and thinking that 5 miles could leave me injured, hahaha.

  10. Jennysays:

    Congrats Gretchen! I think everyone has given you good tips on getting ready for the race. Day of – just pace yourself and don’t overdo it as you start it. Maybe you want to stick to a run/walk plan – 5 minutes run/1-2 minutes walk, repeat. That way, you’ll be able to finish strongly.

    Good luck – if it weren’t $50 to register, I’d run it too!

    • I think that’s what I’m going to try out on the treadmill today, because I can really measure out the exact timing of running v. walking. Hopefully it’ll at least give me an idea of what will and won’t overwhelm me?

  11. Laurensays:

    I’m so glad I stumbled across your blog! I live in Arlington and I am trying to get (a LOT) healthier! Looking forward to reading more!



    • Thanks so much Lauren! If you’re free, you should come out to happy hour tonight. A few of us DC-area bloggers are meeting up in Rosslyn after work. Email me if you’re interested! (gretchen@honeyishrunkthegretchen.com)

  12. Jen Robinsonsays:

    congrats on your weight loss! Don’t stress about the race- it’s going to be great and you will feel so accomplished afterwards. Can’t wait to see you!

  13. I love that picture from last week. You look great and the colors you are wearing are fabulous!
    I had a similar problem last week. I had to run 3 miles after my long run and I had a 4m race this weekend. My run coaches suggested run/walking the 3 miles with 4-5 min run/ 1-2 walk. And I would take it easy on Friday just walking. I’ve read some research that says it is actually better to rest the day before your long run/race than the day after. That’s why you see a lot of people doing recovery runs now the day after.
    Whatever you decide, it is a huge accomplishment and you will do great!

    • I think based on most people’s comments I’ll be taking it easy on Saturday for sure. But interesting idea about a recovery run the following day! We’ll have to see how motivated I am for that… bahahaha.

  14. Larasays:

    btw, that pic from this past weekend, you are a total knockout!

  15. Congrats on the weight loss! You got this. This being the blogging, weight loss, healthy living thing. You know I’m so proud of you (and proud to know you.) As far as the race, I’d say maybe a 2-3 miler like 2 days before the race. I wish I could come down to DC and watch you finish!

    • You are seriously way too nice to me. Thank you for always being such an inspiration to me (and always being there to give me the inadvertent kick-in-the-patooey I clearly so desperately need OFTEN.) <3

  16. Your hott, you skinny minny. PS. I have a really good idea. So I’m emailing it to you.

  17. I did a 10K a couple of weekends ago and walked the whole thing. My husband and I finished up dead last, but we finished! Finishing is an accomplishment in itself! It doesn’t matter where you finish, just that you are keeping up the healthy lifestyle. You’ve got this!

  18. I’ve never run a race, but I know that over the summer, any time I did run, I was doing short intervals between walking and running, and every time I ran, I would up my pace. Like the first segment was at 5.5, the next at 6, etc. But they were only 2 minute bursts a piece, so I was able to make it through the fast sections. I also have been doing a lot of spin and other cardio classes. Then last weekend, I set out for a run outside for the first time in I don’t know how long and busted out 3 miles in 30 minutes. The point of my long story is that I really felt like the interval training and cross training made a HUGE difference in my running. I had only ever run 3 miles one time in my life before and it was definitely slower, so as a “non runner” I feel like if it helped me, it must be awesome! Also, congrats on your loss! πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Ari! I definitely feel like the walk/run interval-ing makes me faster overall, surprisingly, than straight running the whole time. Which I know is kind of counter-intuitive and probably not what my sister the runner would suggest but… maybe I was just built for speed and not endurance! Hahahaha.

  19. A. You’re not going to be last.
    B. Even if you WERE last, who cares? You ran 5 miles!!
    C. For my 1/2 marathon training I had to run 5 miles last weekend, and that was the first time I’d run that far in over a year (6 miles my longest distance to date. Oy.) My only suggestion would be: don’t THINK about the distance when you’re running. If I think “FIVE MILES?! I’m going to diiieee!” I normally quit.
    D. GOOD LUCK, pretty lady!!

  20. Hey, look who’s commenting again!

    We’re talking a lot about pre-race stuff, but don’t forget after race. Get something to eat/refuel with immediately, because chances are you’ll be pushing yourself a lot harder in the race than you are used to. Don’t forget to stretch! It can be easy to just stop after a race, but find a spot and stretch yourself out a little afterward. And then go celebrate with some pizza, yo. πŸ™‚

  21. Rikkisays:

    You are going to be awesome at your 5-miler. No matter what, you will never, ever be the last one… this is I can safely promise you! I ran a half marathon last March and I’m training for another right now. I was aiming at a 10 min/mile pace and the course was way hillier than I imagined, just after mile 10, I was in an ugly place. I had to walk about 3/4 of a mile and it killed my pace… but… I still wasn’t last… not even close… there were thousands of people behind me! : )

    Way to go on the -0.9! Enjoy every bit! It can be so frustrating. I lost 48.5 lbs. The first 40 were easy peasy and seemingly fell right off. Those last 8.5 have taken me almost a year to lose… but hey I’m still losing… and research shows that slow losses stay off! : )

    I love your comparison pics of yourself at your former weight and last weekend. You look amazing! And, I so envy how tall you are! In reality, my huband is only like 3 inches taller than me… so, I wouldn’t really want to be taller… but in fantasyland,I’d die to be 5 inches taller! : )

    • Every little bit counts, right? I figure as long as I’m staying on the downward trend, I’m in a good place (even if I’d REALLY like to be losing a lot faster, I will happily be the tortoise if the hare is the one that will end up gaining the weight back! Haha). And thanks so much for the compliments. Ironically I sometimes wish I were shorter… my boyfriend is only 1-inch taller than me so I always feel self-conscious when I’m wearing heels!

  22. you can do it!!! And awesome job on the weight lose, 0.9lbs is still losing!
    And even if you are the last person, you still did it!!!

  23. Nice job on the weigh-in! I would suggest maybe doing a 2 or 3 mile run/walk to build your confidence before the race. Good luck! You’ll do great!

  24. You are kind of a rock star. πŸ™‚ Congrats on the loss, but more so on the weighing back in. It’s hard to hop on after two weeks off! Oh, and the only way you’d be last is if you walk with the actually-last person to make her/him feel better!

    • Oh girrrrl, I was PETRIFIED. Luckily it worked out this time, but I think I’m better off just knowing each week. It’s true though that the longer you go without weighing, the easier it is to just, you know, NOT.

  25. Michaelasays:

    Already wishing you good luck with it!
    Weighing in on wed does totally make more sense to me πŸ˜‰
    If I were you, I would keep working out down, so you are full of energy for the run. Also, for setting goals, you really have to know yourself. It can be a lame excuse to say “I will never make 2 miles in a row, so IΒ΄m not even trying”, but if you really have trouble finishing 1 mile, itΒ΄s not very helpful to set goals. If you are not a very competitive person, setting a goal might not help you, but actually make you nervous or even depressed in the end, when you not make.
    So, listen to your body (honestly!), have a good breakfast beforehand (think PB/J oatmeal), really try hard (or go home), but donΒ΄t overdo it.
    (I wonder whether this was helpful at all!).

    • No, of course it was helpful! I think that you hit the nail on the head when talking about setting goals for yourself. I’m not a very competitive person AT ALL (I only really call these “races” because that’s what other people call them. I never ACTUALLY am racing, you know?) and that’s why it’s so hard for me to set finite goals for myself. I’m working on that though, because it does feel good to meet the goals you set. Which is why I’m setting the bar at just finishing. Because I know I can do that, and anything above or beyond that will just be gravy. πŸ™‚

      • Michaelasays:

        glad it helped a bit πŸ™‚
        I am sure once you continue to “run” (haha), you will be able to move from “just finishing” to “finishing under 30 min, etc.”. Enjoy the race!

  26. For a 2 week vacation that 1 pound is definitely a huge accomplishment. I like Weight in Wednesdays. So much fun to say.

  27. Weight loss is better than weight gain!! As for the race, if you’ve run five miles this week I have no doubt that you will be able to run 5 miles again this weekend! I’m probably do one more shorter run this week and then do other cross training exercises. And I’m sure you won’t finish last πŸ™‚

  28. Suggestion: run! You can do it chica, I’ve got faith!

  29. Fionasays:

    Gretchen, panic not. I’ve just had to stop ‘running’ because of my genetically disadvantaged knees. But guess what? My ‘fast walking’ is only a tiny bit slower than my running, so just keep those arms and legs moving and have a great race!

  30. Suziesays:

    Gretchen I just LOVE that picture of you in the scarf! You’re so stunning πŸ™‚

  31. I’m the same way with the whole ‘avoid the scale for weeks at a time’ thing. I had been watching what I ate, but since I hurt my back three weeks ago, I haven’t exactly been active (existing hurts!). So when I stepped on the other day and found I was down 6 pounds in three weeks, I nearly ran through the house squee-ing, until my body reminded me that it was not an option.

    Sometimes, we just have to remember we’re human. And after doing this whole weight-loss thing for so long, we’re okay. We learn. We also get used to eating good things, and managing the portions of it. It’s never going to be perfect, but the habits do eventually become ingrained. πŸ™‚

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