Winner(s) and Still Champeen(s)!

Hey hey!

Sorry that my blogging frequency has still been less than stellar this week. Well, I’m not “sorry” per se, since I actually am not a huge fan of bloggers apologizing for not posting, but you know what I mean! But I figured at the very least I would stop in and say hello. Oh yeah, and also announce the 5 UnderArmour headband giveaway winners, duh! šŸ™‚

In true Effie Trinket-style, today is a big, big, big, big day! It’s Taylor, my future sister’s bachelorette/bridal shower weekend (as well as my amazing friend Aileen’s bridal shower weekend, too. Bachelorette, Bridal Shower, Bridal Shower — that is my weekend. WHOOSH!) so I’m about to have my first experience at Drybar this afternoon, followed by an evening of pure bachelorette-y debauchery. It’s gonna be good. Sean is already on retainer to come pick me up. Hehe.

So, first things first, let’s get those UA headband winners announced, shall we? Imagine a drumroll starting right about… now.

giveaway winners 5

Congratulations, Nora, Lara, Ashley K., Sandra K., and Amy G.! Shoot me an email at with your address deets and I’ll get your headbands in the mail! šŸ™‚

And with that, I bid you guys adieu! Have an awesome weekend…!



  1. HAVE SO MUCH FUN TONIGHT! But don’t destroy your fine motor skills; you will need them tomorrow.

  2. Woo! Debauchery at its finest. Have fun this weekend!

  3. Just wanted to tell you I just finished your book and really enjoyed. Way more than I expected. I actually can’t wait for the next one!

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