Year of the Ram

Happy Chinese New Year, friends!

Yesterday marked the first day of the Year of the Ram (or Sheep or Goat, depending on who you ask!), so allow me to wish you all a year of prosperity, good health, and great times! As most of you know, I am half-Chinese, so Chinese New Year is usually a big deal in my household, but this year my parents are out of the country so I had to make due with my own mini-celebration.

And by mini-celebration, I mean that ate some hand-pulled noodles at Lotus Garden with friends. Heeeeee.

Speaking of celebrations, I have another exciting thing to celebrate this week:

I got my BRACES OFF!!!!!!!

I’ve had lingual braces for the past year-and-change, which means I had braces behind my top set of teeth. So while you couldn’t actually see them, I DEFINITELY knew they were there. And now they’re gone! Well, replaced with a permanent retainer, so there is still a little something behind my chompers, but nothing nearly as intrusive as those big metal brackets. So here’s to a new year of not getting food stuck in my braces anymore!

In other news, Yelp’s Fit Club is still chugging along, and this week has so far given me the chance to try out an Ayengar yoga class. And tomorrow I toy with fate by attending my very first [solidcore] class, which I hear is supposed to be the most difficult workout of your life. No big deal. And then, as if that weren’t enough, I have another fitness event on Sunday — a bootcamp-style workout at The Worx by Maia. WHEW.

Good thing I’ve been doing P90 for the past six weeks, otherwise I wouldn’t even be in good enough shape to make it through my own fitness classes, hahahaha.

So I guess you can look forward to hearing about all those various different workouts next week… if I survive, that is! And have a great weekend in the meantime, folks!


  1. Amy Bsays:

    Ah! Please post about your [solidcore] experience! They are opening a new studio in Alexandria and I really want to try it!! But I am a little nervous 🙂

    • Oh, you betcha I’ll be writing about it, although based on my understanding of how hard it’s gonna work me, my blog might just end up as: “OOOOWWWWWWW” over and over again, hahahahaha.

      According to their website they’re also opening up a location at Mosaic District in May!

  2. I’ll see you at solidcore tomorrow! Well, provided I don’t get snowed in before I can get to Arlington but still. Yay!

    • Yay! See you soooooon! Hopefully the snow will stay at bay until the afternoon (that’s what the forecast is saying anyway, guess we’ll seeeee!). I’m so excited… I’m so scared!

  3. Looks good! Happy Chinese New Year! What is solidcore? I’ve never heard of that.

  4. Marysays:

    Your smile looks amazing (: Your posts were so helpful to read! I just got lingual braces yesterday and am experiencing tongue pain and a lisp (which I absolutely hate) but hearing your story makes me positive of whats to come!

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