1. BEAUTIFUL colors! Whatcha think of that TJ’s dough? We always get the whole wheat and love it for calzones 🙂

    • I loved it! I got the herbed one, and it was DELICIOUS. I’m sure whole wheat is slightly better for me though, hehe… 😛

  2. Keithsays:

    Hey, invite us over next time!

    • This was just the trial-run. As you can see, my pizza-dough-spreading skillz still need work. You got it for next time! 🙂

  3. occulasays:

    Your pizza shape looks like a Christmas tree!

  4. I love misshapen pizzas because it guarantees homemade. It looks so cute and delicious. That’s a great gift and I love mine.

  5. Elainesays:

    Wow! Looks awesome!

  6. Don’t be afraid to pick it up and toss it a bit like you see in a pizza joint! Let it land on your fists, and then pull the dough apart a bit, toss, repeat. It takes some practice but it does work, eventually you’ll get them to be perfectly circular. By the way, Whole Foods makes a great dough too… Elizabeth and I usually rotate between that and TJ’s. Glad you are already putting it to use!

    • I tried to do the tossing up in the air a little bit, but probably not with enough zeal for fear of little doggy mouths stealing it were I to fail in catching it, hahaha. Live and learn, right? I’m hoping that next time I’ll be able to get a better do on the crust-shape. At least it was still delicious! Pizza making party prz? 🙂

  7. Goodness gracious, this looks fantastic!

  8. Heya! I bounced over here from BTHR. Love your photography…

    what’s that wiggly knife-looking thing?

  9. We make pizza at home every single Friday night. I picked up a pizza stone a little while ago, but only used it once. I need the pizza paddle to go along with it to really use it correctly.
    I have a mandoline slicer too- but also never use it. I sliced up my finger the first time I used it and haven’t really gone back since. I should stop being a wuss and realize that it makes chopping and dicing much easier! And it just looks cool and cheffy.
    Hooray for ‘za! (That’s what my friend’s son calls it too) 🙂

  10. I love all the new kitchen gadgets! TJ’spizza dough is the best… Awesome pizza!

  11. Jen Robunsonsays:

    Glad the new kitchen stuff is working out! Please be careful with the mandolin when pushing veggies by hand- don’t get cut!!,

  12. Marceesays:

    Lolllying round awaiting for da ‘zas to arrive from our fav parlor. Not up to making kitchen messes these days. Grocery shopping = tomorrow. Maybe TJ’s or WF’s.

    Ohh. The all-veggie-fruit salad is mine! Love that. Fresh sliced tomatoes on any ‘zas are winners …. just goood!

    You put up great grub Gretchen! Healthy too.

    Best of in 2012!

  13. Um… did I correctly read garlic and herb dough?
    AMAZING!!! A must eat in the future.

  14. Garlic and herb pizza dough?! Must get to Trader Joe’s ASAP!!!

  15. Man that crust… Looks bangin! Looking forward to seeing you reach your goal in 2012 Gretchen! I’ve missed hearing about your weight loss journey (tho I still love your everyday life stories too!)!

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